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GES030 - Docklands Apartment Block, London

With GE078 in town, anywhere we went was going to involve a trip into the heavens. GE077 had earmarked a building in the Docklands that had views of the Canary Wharf estate. We all gathered at a nearby DLR station, and adventure for me as i'd never really travelled on it before. We marched off through the small houses and sparkly new built streets to the entrance location. Pedestrians were milling about still, so we broke into 2 pairs, and GE078 and GE007 went first. Then GE077 went in over a hoarding. However, with at the time the large camera backpack, i went for the hoarding, and failed miserably to get over. I had to wait again for pedestrians to get out the way. Passed my stupid bag to GE077, and then hit the hoarding again, and embarrassingly climbed into the site. We used an unfinished hotel to get up to the roof of the apartment buildings, and crossed from one roof to the other.

Looking out to the Thames along West India Millwall Docks. The bridge on the bottom right, is the DLR tracks into Heron Quays.

Getting a bit like Fraser (TV Show) and looking into the apartment blocks nearby.

Looking West to The City

Looking East and the Millennium Dome.

A fisheye of the Canary Wharf estate, the Canary Wharf tower is hidden.

A wide shot of the view East, including the building next door to this one. You may notice 2 dark figures in the window on the centre right. They will come into the story a little later.

A wide shot of the Canary Wharf estate, the No.1 Canary Wharf Tower just visible on the right hand side of the front centre building.

A canary on a perch. A fisheye of the Canary Wharf estate.

We'd all finished taking our shots, and I was hustling everyone to do a group shot, similar to the above, when the doors flew open from a set of doors on the building, and a suited man and woman walked out. "What are you guys doing up here?" the woman queried in an East European accent. "Taking photos" the response. The usual 'you need permission' blah blah conversation took place. I could see GE077 and GE007 keen to leg it at the first opportunity. But I didn't see the point, and walked into the building for a nice lift ride down. At the bottom we were prevented leaving for a few minutes, and then bid the couple good night, and left. Here I return to the couple in the next door apartment block in the photo above, as they had grassed us up. 5mins more and we would have been out of there!


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