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GES055 - Brussels Vet School

I think of all the sites banded around for a trip around the low countries in late 2010 with GE031 and GE032, this was probably one that wasn't highly anticipated. However while in the area, it seemed churlish not to pop in for a look. So on a warm sunny morning we sat opposite it working out a way in. With pedestrian and traffic flow distinctly low, it was certainly do-able in daylight. We waited for the right moment, and relatively quickly dropped in.

The main feature of the Vet school is it's collection of somewhat macabre formaldehyde jars filled with animal parts. Known by another explorer as the Horror Labs.

The smell wasn't as bad as i thought, I believed i'd be wretching up the cereal bar i'd had for breakfast immediately on entry. What was rather disturbing was the fact I hadn't looked too closely at where I was walking, or more importantly, what I was walking in. Bits of squishy organ sat under my feet. Ewwww!

Jars galore. Brains, heads lungs one and all.

The rest of the place had a distinctly trashed feel to it.

The marble coated ground floor entrance.

First floor corridor and le pipe ninja. As GE085 remarked, the building had deteriorated rapidly since his trip barely 6 months prior. The security was non-existent and entry easy when we visited, so vandalism would be a sad result. Why the hell a camera can't take a picture with straight walls is beyond my clearly limited photographical knowledge.

First floor landing area, again encrusted in marble, a sign of grander times this building and it's learned inhabitants enjoyed.

A large hall had seen better days, as the strip lights had been ripped down and lack of tlc had left the ceiling and walls peeling.

The opposite end of this third floor had another large hall devoid of rows of chairs. In fact, just one row of chairs and a fire extinguisher begging to be toyed with. Although sadly it was empty.

Rounding up the others, it was group photo time. Sadly the incalculable joy on their faces and huge blinding smiles have been covered up.

A sign written in goobledegook. Why don't these people write in English? Dogs.

Some ye olde books along with smashed test tubes and similar equipment.

Meow! Someone had taken their favourite jars from the basement to photograph them up here on the first floor in better light. I won't repeat the disgusting suggesting a friend made on seeing the picture.

Words can't describe how horrifying this picture is, but also how the sadness of it all actually makes it rather funny. I'm a sick individual it has been noted already.

The bird almost certainly wasn't despatched by scalpel hungry butchering vets, instead it is the dumbest of birds and likely couldn't find a way out. A collection of veterinary glassware.

A naturally lit basement room. Everything was written in foreign so I didn't spend much time here looking through the treasure trove of refuse.

I thought the others were upstairs still, so i kicked around in the basement waiting. When I finally got a text from GE031 saying they were in a cafe across the road. Ah, that's nice. Gits.


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