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GES077 - Lge Rd Tunnels & W Hospital

This was more a secondary explore, based on another explore we did very close to here. This is where a number of tunnels begin, including some mainline tunnels that disappear under London for a few miles. Looking south down the tracks, tunnels behind the camera.

The start of the mainline tunnel, GE007, my partner for this trip on the left. The area was obviously popular with taggers, and Tox had been busy here as well.

Deep into the tunnel, and there was no light at all, unlike tube tracks. After walking a fair way, we lost interest, and wandered back. It was then that I was keen to check out some interesting features on the other side of the tracks, seen through bar gates. I was sure there must be a way into this area.

After looking around and prodding and poking, I found what I was after, and open door! Walking around a building, we then entered a number of huge chambers. Either used as subterranean storage chambers, train repair /depots, or converted tunnels I wasn't sure. Although the blackened sooty ceiling indicated that trains had been here. Each tunnel had these upright UV lights illuminating the chamber.

The oddest thing of all was that one of the chambers ended with a slip shod door that wasn't locked or secured at all. It led into a room full of beds?! Discovery and exploration are good bedfellows, and this is what makes a really good explore. GE007 went through the door first, with some squeezing and panel holding by me. I sat around in the chamber while he disappeared out of site. I heard a call from inside, and GE007 held up a couple of suits he'd found in cellophane. "Need a suit?!" He came back again with bottles of water and by now I was itching to have a look as well. I made a similar less than graceful entry to the room full of beds, and joined GE007 in a basement store room.

In the store room there were plenty of signs saying cctv and you're being watched etc. But we didn't see any cameras. We looked around various stairwells and peeped through windows into the live hospital. However after a chat, we opted to not exit via an alarmed fire escape door, and go back out the way we came.

Buggy adventures are a highlight of entry trip apparently, so this one was no different.

And with that, we got out of there, and wandered back through the huge chambers and tip toed to safety. Props to GE007 for fun times.