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GES070 - Brook Green CSO

Living in Hammersmith, there are a myriad of  tubes running underneath and around the Mall. The NW Storm Relief comes in here, as does Brook Green sewer and other local drains. The Low Level Interceptor also makes a visit to the area. Having already done GES052 - SB CSO in the area, I was keen to have a look at the NW Storm Relief.

GE077 was busy, and GEO86 had  been expressing and interest in joining us for some draining experiences for awhile, so I invited him down. GES007 joined in to make a trio.

I had a map of the area showing around 15 lids that should produce results. However nearly everyone produced nothing but crawler micro drains or were sealed. 3 on King St lead into electrical pavement cabinets. It was fast becoming a farce.  We checked a lid we felt certain would lead into something decent, however on descending I was met with a brick wall. While this explore isn't the most epic, it's more to show that the world of draining isn't quite as easy as one might think. There maybe many lids, but finding one that opens and leads to what you seek can be frustrating at times. I felt sorry for GE086, as he had come with a large torch expecting to see huge drain action, and all he got was a quick trip down into Brk Grn CSO.

Wandering up Shepherds Bush Rd, I felt confident that we were walking over a branch of the NW Storm Relief, however all the lids were sealed and it was a busy road with a cop shop on it. I had one more lid I'd found, and said this would be the end of the search for tonight. It produced the only real action of the night. A lid on a side street lead down into a weir chamber. It's where the Brk Grn CSO drops into the NW Storm Relief.  This is looking east up the Brk Grn tunnel, the weir boards on the left.

Some nice panties left on the weir boards

Sadly no ladder, but i've highly confident this leads into the NW Storm Relief, if things get desperate, this maybe our way in in the future.