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GES029 - Spring Quarry

The main purpose of this trip was to try to get into one of the exploring scenes holy grails, known to explores simply as Burly. A large underground town to be used in the event of nuclear attack. I'd talked about it to a close friend and also my then boss at work numerous times. Never thinking i'd likely see it, even less that he would. In the end I did see it, and sadly he didn't. See GES007.

News and a video filtered out from Burly a few weeks prior to my visit. However it was sealed up again. Then I heard it was open again, and got my hopes up. On the Monday after work, I rushed down the M4 a 100 miles on my trusty Vespa, My friend not far behind on his motorbike. We met up at the Quarrymen's Arms. I'd had a text from a friend living not far away, and he gave the news that it had been sealed up again. Bumpants! However as we'd made the trip, It was still very much worth looking at Spring Quarry, as it's rarely seen by the public's eyes. Existing as it does on MoD property.

I'd been down before, but during the day. So at night it proved a nightmare to remember where to go. My friend and I walked around aimlessly for a good quarter of an hour, until finally i recognised something. And we were in. Kissing goodbye to the surface world, we went underground. Emerging into Spg Quarry felt magical. A secret lair discovered. I had a vague map to go on, and managed to work our way to the door to Burly, but as I was informed, it was stiff shut.Bumpants!  We then set about exploring the Spg Quarry. Burly used to be part of Spring Quarry, but was sealed off from the rest of it after WWII. A number of shadow factories were built down here, but production was cripplingly slow.

This is near the canteen area.

Pointless steps, lead down to the remnants of the Spg in Sprinq Quarry.

A giant butterfly valve, part of the ventilation system.

Health & Safety for the shadow factories.

Generator for the large vans that move air around the ventilation system.

The bottom of a vent shaft from the surface ends in a pool of clear water.

One of the large ventilation fans.

Filing for military purposes. Files obviously not present.

The roads were called 'Avenues' and labelled numerically.

Blast doors protecting the grail of Burly behind.

Oooh, a set of blast doors that were open. Could the others ones be? No!

The water dripping through the rocks being kept at bay by plastic sheets.

A crouch ventilation passage, that went underneath Burly. Sadly no way up though.

Another giant butterfly flap.

And another fan generator.

Stores hatches.

Of which there were a few.

The whole of this quarry was laid out with 'roads' being numbered.

My mate checks out a lift shaft to the surface. Decommissioned long ago.

A first aid post.

The store area, we didn't go in as the sign says, 'Unauthorised Entry is Strictly Forbidden.'

The other side of the wall from Sds Quarry.

When in Spring Quarry, a good way to navigate is by the canal that runs through the Quarry.


A huge thanks to GE031 for showing me the way originally. An a massive thanks to my mate for being crazy enough to join me. Great company, great times!