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GES105 - State Unversity & Factory, Tetovo, Macedonia

While travelling on a bus from the beautiful Lake Ohrid to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. I passed this abandoned looking site. It looked worthy of a looksie.

I initially tried to get in to a distribution type warehouse at the back of the site, however it was too well covered by dome cams and the like. So I went for the easier option, of popping over a gate and in through one of the windowless windows. The factory is the lower grey building, the university is the peach coloured building.

Inside the factory after entry.

Overns, drying racks? No idea. However you'll notice at the back on the floor the small opening with light coming from the next area.

The small hole at the back opens out into a sink like bit in this long corridor.

A close up of one the sink like bits.

Another of the rooms, of which there were many with shelf filled bays.

A long hall leading down the distribution warehouse end of the site.

Open area at the back of the top photo on this write up. More shelved bays down the left hand side. In the gap between the trees on the horizon, you can see a bit of the distribution warehouse building. The building on the left was also abandoned, but used for storage. The lower roof on the far right of the building was a toilet block.

Turning right from the photo above, it was into an area full of crate boxes. Once upon a time this must have been a distribution bay.

Close up of the crate boxes. All seemed to have H3 on, and then different other values.

? Again, no idea. A long green metal tube with exhausters or ejectors.

A collection of vents. Again, unfortunately I have no idea what they were for.

Oddly, the next room lead into the university building. The two University and the factory must have been linked in some way. But rather odd practice. A lovely lift shaf

Registration and services area on the ground floor.

This student's clearly a bit late. The windows reflect the tripod nicely in this shot!

Various official and other crap lying about.

All the rooms were stripped and rather dull throughout the building.

Pupil lists, possibly for some Sport related activity, assuming Sportit is Macedonian for sport.

A wide shot over the factory from the top floor of the university building. The right angle is where picture 8 was taken.

A shot I rather liked of the lift and shaft. Same lift as above.

Loading bay for the factory, the university building next to it.

As I walked through this bit, I was at the end of the explore, and as often happens, had dropped my guard down. As a result, I walked straight into a security guard. "Zdravo" I announced. He gobbled a load of Macedonian at me, and escorted me to a security hut at the front of the university.  He then called his boss, and a larger chap walked in and sat down. Flicking through my passport. The only word they understood was photography. So it was clear why i was there. I was reluctant to take out my camera as i might never see it again. 10 minutes later and two cops showed up with an interpreter woman. She asked the usual questions, what are you doing here? Why did you enter dangerous buildings? etc. Weirdly she asked if i was carrying any weapons like guns or grenades. Grenades? What kind of people wander around Macedonia?! The cops were mainly making sure I was ok, an that i hadn't been mistreated. The words 'No Problem' were used numerous times. I asked the woman what the factory was for, and she said 'liquids.' The cops and interpreter left, and a guard escorted me off the premises. Passing 2 very large and aggressive looking dogs in a pen.

For obvious reasons, I couldn't get a shot of the front of the university, so this was my best effort from up the road. You can sort of see the portico roof sticking out halfway down the building between the trees. The security building was just in front of it. The first picture was taken further left of this picture.

Satellite shot and location here