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GES104 - Riviera Factory, Kotor, Montenegro

While travelling around Albania and the Balkans on a holiday in 2011, I found myself at bus stations rather a lot. I also found that bus stations seem to have a high occurrence of having explore opportunities nearby. Kotor, a beautiful old town sitting in the beautiful bay of Kotor in Montenegro wasn't any different in this respect. The rear section of the building was still in use, and had some person looking like they were squatting there. They also had a large barking dog to guard their slice of the factory. I have no idea as to what the factory produced. It's similarity to Millennium Mills in some respects made me think it might be grain related, maybe a bakery.

One of the only indicators i found which might allude to it's former use. You can see curtains where people are living. In this area of the world, no property is really empty for long.

The tall frontal section had large holes in the floor from top to bottom. Something that reminded me of Millennium Mills back in London.

The factory chimney and the rest of the buildings, looking unoccupied, but either used for storage or living. Taken from the roof of the front section.

The bay of Kotor after dawn, from the roof of the front section.

A somewhat precarious stairway hanging over the abyss. Sometimes as an explorer you also have to work as an archaeologist to try to fathom out what went on in a building and what purposes the various things one finds were for.

Looking down from the top floor. The ground floor was used as storage for wood. The rest of the floors were empty.

Out the windows to Kotor and beyond.

Not the most amazing of explores by any stretch of the imagination, but I was mainly interested in the views from the roof of the bay.


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