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GES098 - York Road Disused Tube Station

History here. Opened in 1906, closed in 1918.

GE077 and I were doing a selection of reccies one night in London, and this was one of them. We knew if there was a way in, it would be most likely through a certain access point. As we arrived, GE077 set about checking whether the access point was there, and it was. Unfortunately we'd need an item from our collective bag of tricks to make entry properly. Fast forward a week later and GE077 and I were joined by GE007 and GE010. GE077 and I were at the access point, but we were certain we'd heard voices inside, and so we had to abort. Sadly GE077 wasn't available, but another trip was quickly organised for later in the week. I got to the access point, and third time lucky all seemed fine. So the others joined me, and we accessed the building. Unlike other other stations, there was more than one camera, and I walked straight in front of it. D'oh! I discussed it with the others, and the decision was to sod it and keep going. This is the other end of the station and start of the steps down to the tracks 154 steps below.

Around the corner from the above picture some original tiling. This picture was actually the last one I took. For 'hilarity' i brought along a Yorkie bar, and was determined to use the prop in a picture. However as the story below explains, we had to leave sharpish. But dammit, I wanted that pic. So with GE007 nipping back and forth to tell me in some words my mother wouldn't use, to come now. I grabbed the shot with blurry bar. Bumpants!

A few more steps down, and we were at the top of a long shaft with a spiralling staircase. A wonder of engineering.

27.30m and 154 steps later, we reached the tracks area of the station.

One of the tunnels with entrance to what would have been the platforms. Now like B&B station, one half of the tunnel has been bricked off.

Posing at the entrance, the track state indicator on the left.

The other side of the bricked off section didn't have anything too exciting to see, no mini house for Lord Lucan to reside in or stable of unicorns. Fortunately  there were no lights here, so i could control the lighting and no nasty green blurs to lose.

Further down the tunnel either an old office or waiting room sat. An unusual feature for a ghost station or any station for that matter below ground. It appears to have to have tiling from the original station on it, so it looks like it's original and not added until after the station was closed.

The other tunnel, heading Southbound.

As with most disused stations, this one is used for storage. A cross-through between platforms.

Electrical cabinets in the Southbound tunnel. Nearby sat a set of steps up to a door with high voltage on the door.

Looking down the southbound tracks to the disused cross over. Tracks used to run into the other tunnel, so trains could be sent in different directions. The yellow devices are used for track maintenance.

A closer shot of the crossover, the Northbound track on the left, southbound on the right.

Walking through the crossover and looking down the northbound track, the station is behind the camera. A pile of ceramic caps for replacement on the live rails.

Ceramic piles, not a medical complaint that I know of.

The far end of the northbound tracks to the next station, C Rd.

Spirals, not the choccy bar from Cadburys, but a description of the shaft from surface to tracks.

The 3 tube twits who'll never get jobs as models. Stood at the crossover.

Northbound tracks, with a plate stating direction to next station and distance. This is one of the longest stretches between live stations on the Picc. line.

The call went up from GE010 at this point "Workers", and we all scuttled off up the stairs. I didn't actually see any workers, but I was trying to keep to the walls so I wasn't seen. Just because you see workers, doesn't mean they see you. They pass this station every day, and meeting someone who shouldn't be there must be a total rarity. Tox and Co. certainly hadn't been down here, however there was a huge yellow swastika on one of the walls.

I got to the top and GE010 made of to the access point, I sat watching the bottom of the shaft for a few minutes, and didn't see any activity. So grabbed a final couple of pics, and then legged it out with GE007. A cop car and unmarked car with blue light on came whizzing past, just as we exited the compound, but thankfully they were interested in us. We lived another day.



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