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GES096 - Criterian Building, Piccadilly

Being an avid fan of targeting rooftops in popular central locations in London, it was a delight to find out that getting to the rooftop of this building next to Piccadilly Circus was so straight forward. Apart from a glance from a curious taxi driver, I was up and on the top of the scaff trouble free. However getting further onto the roof wasn't so easy. I ended up somewhat precariously scaling the shingle roof to get to the next level. From here it was easy to get around. A number of ladders left about, stairs and caged ladders.

I completely crossed the building, and found myself looking south to the London Eye over Trafalgar Sq in the centre of the pic below.

My main goal was to try to capture a shot of the Eros Statue, as i'd already captured it from two other buildings around the circus, GES043 and GES009. Left and top Left respectively below.

Looking West from a bridge that goes across the glass roof over the atrium. The air conditioning units and only cctv presence up here.

Looking South from the atrium bridge to Westminster and beyond.

The skyscrapers areas of London, The City left, Canary Wharf in the background, and London Bridge on the right.

The new king in town, GES080, dominating the landscape.

Fisheye looking South from the Atrium bridge.

More extreme width looking West. I often find new targets when climbing taller buildings, and on this occasion it was no different. Eagle eyes may spot a tower covered in green scaff in the centre distance on the horizon. This would be H P Barracks tower, and completed shortly after this explore.

Zoom shot looking South, Nelson watching over proceedings.

Dawn rising over the city from the East. Other high points in the city teasing me that I have yet to conquer.

The first glimpse of the sun, and luckily for me a good day to be up here.

It's just the sun rising

A zoom shot that reminds me a bit of a film poster i've seen based in Asia.

Sun sandwich

Wide shot of the above sandwich avec soleil.

Using a remote trigger, I cracked a few shots off. Watching dawn rising and the warmth hit you is a special experience I love to feel. Comparisons to Anthony Gormley's statues have been already made!

Looking up Regent St from the Dome on the previous shot.

More dawnage, the way the sky changes, the colours and the way the sun affects the cities buildings is just magical.

Looking through the window down into the atrium below. Security guard (top right of atrium ground floor) unaware of a pipe ninja skipping around the roof.

The colours on the dome of the Plaza I was enchanted by. In some ways London is a very drab city, lacking colour, which makes architectural statements like this all the more welcome.

An encased dome, reminded me of the similar covered dome at W mansion.

Eros in daylight, completing the trilogy ( GES043 and GES009). Although 2 vistas remain

Reflection in the glass dome. I think this is a restaurant for the hotel, amazing if it was. I didn't fancy looking too obviously through the glass.

Cafe area, looking East.

Gargoyles up close, sitting above the entrance to the theatre below.

A clear shot of the Eros statue.

The street of Piccadilly and  GES043 on the Northern side. In some ways it's cool to look up and think 'I clamoured around that.' But in other ways I think 'that's one less rooftop to target.'

More rarely seen carvings atop the building

The buildings of Coventry St take in the warm dawn sun as it brings light to the area.

Be free my angels. Actually they are the Daughters of Helios - or The Three Graces. Below them on the ground,are the Horses of Helios fountain.

While I was atop the dome, I unwittingly took a few shots and captured a bird flying behind me. I then merged the shots and created a gif.

Probably one of the better dawns i've captured, luck plays it's part in whether you get to complete and explore, and with the weather.



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