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GES064 - Kings Reach Tower

GE077 and GE007 had had their eye on this one for awhile, as it's being completely refurbished including a new exterior shell. Although work appears to be slow in progress. All the floors have been completely stripped, and that's it. GE007 and GE077 went for one of their customary attempts, and GE007 popped in for a check. He came back to GE077 with the news all was good. And together they rose to the top to virgin explorer territory, 31 storeys up. They passed on the news, and I went for a look on my lonesome.

The tower as it stands today

Luckily there's no restriction on explorers.

A rare sharp shot from me. Bravely dangling my ankles over the edge looking East up the Thames.

Looking West and the IMAX theatre sits at the base of the Shell building. The London eye behind that.

The dark finger of the Tate modern chimney sits up on the South Bank of the Thames.

Over to central London, the South Bank Centre.

The armadillo like spine of Waterloo station in the foreground, old friend Battersea Station in the background.

Looking south, another old friend, Strata Tower. Looking very much occupied, as people have handed over cash to live in a tiny apartment. If I lived in one of those apartments, I'd just sit sucking in the view all day.

I'm sure most explorers who made it up here sort the glittering prize flashing her wares at us, The S***d. It wouldn't be more than a month or so before some of us started to crack it, including a fox!

Zoom shot of the city. In some ways the north bank of the Thames reminds me of Manhattan, before we lost the world trade centre. When looking at the profile of Manhattan, there's the skycrapers of mid town, and then the profile drops to Greenwich Village and SoHo, before rising again for Wall St. In London we have the City and Canary Wharf.

Blackfriars road and rail bridges. In the background the three Barbican Sisters.

Looking west on the lower roof. The rails are for a window cleaning hoist.

Oxo Tower.

Dawn creeps up on East London.

Watercraft on the Thames as dawn approaches.






"Ah Ms Dawn, come in, we've been expecting you!"





You quit your teasing S***d, we're a coming for ya!




An effect i'd seen someone else use. Zooming in during an exposure.



An a final fisheye for good measure.

Futuristic chimney stacks on the roof.

One of the gutted lower floors.

remnants of the lift area on the ground floor. Amusing most people had used the lifts to go up, whereas I'd used the stairs, all 31 flights. However i'll have the last laugh when they drop dead from lack of exercise, oh yes!

The building would be explored by a large portion of the explorer community, including even a full on party for a popular Parisian explorer.


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