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GES002 - Battersea Power Station (Fireworks Trip 2009)

While logging in to an explorer forum, I happened to spot in the chat box that 2 explorers i'd vaguely knew from a few posts, were looking to experience fireworks in Battersea Park from the nearby station. Having been to BPS around 5 times already, the opportunity to just chill out and snap the fireworks was very welcome. As was the opportunity to meet a few more explorers and share a beer.

I met them on the nearby bridge, after waiting a while for GE041 & GE043 to turn up, due to getting lost! While I waited, fireworks were going off elsewhere.

We then had a nice easy access and whizzed up the NE chimney.

I offered around some beers, but neither of them drank, so I partied by myself, groovy! And then the fireworks started, Oooh, Aaahh!







Looking East through a smokey city from bonfires and fireworks galore.

This was my first time up on the actual chimney base, as before i'd never managed to make it due to disco legs. Thanks to the encouragement of GE041 and GE043 though, I made it up. My first shot across the station from the chimney stack.

Photo taken by GE041.

Walking around on the lower roof, I couldn't help but notice the reflection of the station in a puddle, and had a go at trying to capture it.

The moon over the river looking East.

On a previous trip I'd found a way onto the crane, and it didn't take much persuasion to the two chaps to have a look. GE041 being a full blooded fearless ninja bounced down to the cab of the crane.

Winch mechanism and walkway on top of the crane.

wide shot of the crane and lots of dust on my lens.

GE041 still larking about.

As they hadn't been to the control rooms, I set out to rectify that, and took them into Control Room B, the later built Control Room bedecked in stainless steel. What to do in case of emergency.

Back of the control panels.

Another shot behind the main control panels.

Levers on the front of the control panels that activate the rods in the previous two shots. These two switches show they connect to the other control room, A.

Sci-Fi looking gauge panel.

Another gauge panel.

GE043 in his trademark tracksuit bottoms. The same bottoms seen in the Daily Star! This was coming up from the tunnels under the thames.

Tunnel B emerges underneath this vent on the opposite side of the Thames. Because GE041 is as previously mentioned of the ninja fraternity, he managed to emerge from here. I fancied a go as well, and it was rather clear that I lacked many if not all of the Ninja skills needed to get my Ninja Exploring badge. I came up facing the road (Left) and could only just about turn my head to look across the river. Getting out was just not an option. It was also thick with dust in there, and lord knows what the dust was made up of. I less than gracefully slithered back down, and GE041 wiggled about until he too was down. I should point out due to the owners of this site bricking up the tunnels, this route is no longer possible.

It was then the turn of GE041 & GE043 to show me something, the so called White Room. I'd never been aware of the entrance, and had briefly contemplated a dangerous attempt via the front. However it turned out to be a bit of a squeeze instead. Original bronze door decor, although probably not on the original doors.

GE041 checks his phone in the mocked up suite in the white room. This was for a previous envisaged incarnation for the Station, although never realised. Instead it has graced numerous explorers from out of town crashing for the night.

We came back outside, and were sat thinking about Control Room A above us. Access had been sealed since my previous visit, so in theory there was no way up. Well, no way up for a normal explorer, but then GE041 isn't a normal explorer! So he leapt onto the girders and bounced his way up to the level that the Control Room is on, and got in. GE043 being less of a ninja, sat on the steps of the white room and waited. I was very tired, and decided to call it a night, but vowed to get GE043 back to BPS and up to Control Room A.

Cheers to both for a cool evening.


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