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GES002 - Battersea Power Station (Dressup trip 2009)

GE051 contacted me as she wanted to get into Control Room A for a dressing up session in the style of workers of the times. She'd roped in a work colleague. I had a vague idea of how I wanted to accomplish this, but no fixed plans. I felt confident enough to tell GE043 to come along, as i'd last seen him sat on the White Room steps, not able to get up to the wonders of the Control Room A.

I picked up GE043 on the Vespa, and we whizzed up to a pub South of BPS. We met GE051 and her work colleague, and then walked down to the Thames. A route i'd not contemplated before, but was very much up for. I'm sure it doesn't take explaining from the photo.

We made a quick visit to Control Room B. I had borrowed my non-explorer mates Canon 10-20mm, my first real experience with wideness. So please excuse the constant wideness.





Then up on to B side lower roof, for a shot i'd taken before.

GE051 get's snappy.

GE051 and GE043 at camera stations, I stand with GE051's friend.

It had to be done, I can't find the shot, but it was possible to see YMCA projected on the wall at BPS.

North bank of the Thames

The dock cranes.

We now had the problem of how to get up to Control Room A, seeing as none of us were ninjas like GE041. I explained my plan to get up, but sadly no one believed in it. I had to carry an item all the way across the Station by myself, while the others just looked on and mocked. I then lifted this all the way up by myself, having to keep an eye out for security and not create too much noise. I then put it in place. Only when it was in place did the others start to take interest. And sure enough, after GE043 had nipped up to secure things, GE051 followed with her friend. And typically, worn out old me went up last! The access method was so good, it still exists today as the main way to get up. Inside the wonderful control room A.

Back of the panels in the previous shot.

Glorious decor in the roof.


Bizarre control panel

This is my best side.

Control desk

"Standby Exciter" - sounds promising.


Far too many sexual puns around here for my liking.


This is the image that inspired GE051 to the photos below. What the control room looked like in it's heyday.

Dressing up. The next 4 pictures are copyrighted to GE051.

clichéd gas mask usage.

Incoming problems.

Strange affection

And one not so good.

Naked expression

Just about fitting in the directors lift in A side.

A side lower roof.

SW corner chimney.

A side from the SW  chimney

Trains heading to Battersea station. Battersea gas holders, the tallest one features in GES125.

The beginning of the construction of the Boiler House. a way for BPS owners to make cash to maintain the place.

Down the Thames.

We exited via the Thames Tunnels. Looking up a vent to the surface near BPS.

Tunnel A splits, and a smaller side tunnel leads off.

up the smaller tunnel, but the bigger one was better.

Thanks to GE051 for inspiration, and the others for company. We all went shattered for a proper fry up breakfast in Victoria, one of the best fry ups yet!


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