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GES047 - West Park Hospital (2nd Trip) (Demolished)

For my second trip to West Park, I couldn't get GE015 interested, so it would be a solo adventure. Having got the lay of the site under my belt, I set about making a better entry than before. Knowing there was a handy car park nearby made things easier.

I got into Oaklands, a mostly shagged building but for decay fans a gold mine. As long as you didn't mind constantly seeing your foot disappear through rotten floorboards.

Film set directors of horror films and thrillers would have a field day in places like this. This is Lakeview building, one of the day care buildings like Oaklands above.

These buildings have been flattened now, as development has taken place. It's a shame, as it's quite beautiful watching nature reclaim man's encroachment into it. As well as watching man's attempt to conquer nature slowly falling apart.

Parklands was rumoured to have a piano in it, so I went to have a look, and found it in what seemed to be a kitchen.

I think this is Castle House, a tall staff accommodation block.

Nature's ingress into a room in Castle House.

The slightly obvious and most common way into the wards at the time I visited. A door in Jane Ford Ward. Amongst the trees can be seen Lakeview.

Looking out from Jane Ford Ward at the covered walkway that acts as a barrier sectioning off set areas. Granton/Guildford Ward on the right of the picture.

Upstairs bathroom in Jane Ford.

A noisy corridor in Jane Ford one had to negotiate to get into the covered walkways. Trying not to hit anything was a fun game. Eventually we found out that during the period i made all my trips to West Park there was only one security person, who didn't venture into the hospital itself. So stealth really wasn't necessary.

Upstairs in Jane Ford Ward.

A famous wheelchair on the ground floor day room in Jane Ford Ward, it got photographed zillions of times by the many explorers that visited the site.

The covered walkway leading out from Jane Ford ward to the other wards.

The supplies and laundry building.

The views from the Water tower weren't that great. Looking down on the live section.


Looking down on Laundry and supplies buildings

The flat roofed day centre and red bricked Nightingale House behind it. Castle house to the right of Nightingale House.

I felt a talented photographer would be able to get a good shot of this rusty clutch and other bits. And from several attempts, I still failed.

I forget his name as we only met briefly, but he was sat on the chair waiting for others, and i saw a photo. In the corridor near kitchens.

Somewhere in the Kitchens area i think.

The start of the covered walkway near Jane Ford Ward. Once upon a time a patient could have walked straight out to the day centres

The Creche floor of one of the main wards. Here the children of staff and visitors were entertained and looked after. And people wonder why kids grow up with a fear of clowns!

A rather scary room, still with cot in situ.

The rather scary doors to the above room, with slots in the doors to keep an eye on the baby having nightmares no doubt.

Tom, from Tom & Jerry, looking worse for wear amongst the peeling paint.

And with time running out, it was time to leave. Although with a site this size, one can only envisage coming back.