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GES047 - West Park Hosptial (3rd Trip)

I found myself starting to come into my own as an explorer, a natural curiosity and puzzle solving ability meant I felt more confident getting into the places others weren't treading. West Park would be good training for later on as people were posting up on forums new bits of the hospital all the time. As people found their way into new bits. The competitive edge always exists amongst the dedicated. This would hold true as things like LU Ghost stations would fall, and tall buildings etc.

I started off WP in the same way as Trip 2, coming in from the back of the site. This is Lakeview.

The lower floor of Creche, Parklands training.

Frinton/Occupational Therapy building.

West Park tourist hot spot, the famous padded cell. Minus the door that was stolen!

Dartford and Denton block.

The lonely chair near the main hall.

The clinics block was full of zimmers, not so sure about the ships wheel on the wall.

Dentist's room in the Clinics building. Everytime I came here, there was less to see. Sadly the dentist's chair went quite quickly.

Dentures, mmmm.

Tiling in the hallway near Chaucer.ward.

Nature provides portals to the outside.

I hadn't seen much from the Chaucer/Darwin blocks, the doors were all still shut tight at this juncture. However someone had kicked in a small window at floor level. I cleared most of the glass, and carefully took my time climbing in. The place was a mess, and had lots of the ceiling ripped apart by metal thieves. In fact, it looked like some thieves had been caught as police evidence bags lay about.

Hallway in the Chaucer/Darwin block.

MS Windows screensaver, just off the hallway from the above shot.

Supplies in Chaucer/Darwin block.

A twisted mess, Chaucer/Darwin block.

A somewhat shagged grand piano in Chaucer/Darwin block.

Sign storage in Chaucer/Darwin block.

This was certainly an unexpected site. The vacuum cleaners were WP legend, but I'd never seen anything about a similar floor cleaner room. They would later be arranged to form a wedding scene, the person who did it get's my full respect. A pic here.

At the time, off limits, with rumours of pirs. However on the next visit, all was open! That's how it is at WP.

Another ward block that hadn't seen much publicity, the Cavendish/Drummond block. There wasn't much to see here, mostly just lots of offices and meeting rooms.

This was probably the highlight, the bizarre patient expression room in   the Cavendish/Drummond block.

"Shit on my soul" and other choice expressions.

"Talk bullshit to get yourself heard" A common mantra in these days of tabloid press.

A set of chairs that have been graced many times, Garth/Goldsmith ward.

Some kind of superbath,   Garth/Goldsmith ward.

Reflectional work in   Garth/Goldsmith ward. This was a cafe type area.

More interesting artistic interpretations at WP in   Garth/Goldsmith ward.

Inside the um, Female Dormitory..

A shed between Transport area and Huxley.

A big motorcycle fan inside Transport area.

Mattress driers in Transport area.

A clutch I kept trying to get a decent shot of, in Transport.

Covered walkway near Jane Ford Ward, signalling the end of another trip to WP.