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GES047 - West Park Hospital (4th Trip)

Another warm saturday afternoon, and what better than a mooch around WP's sprawling hospital. More new places to try to visit I hadn't seen before.

This was Green Bank House, not the most interesting.

Steps to what was once a tennis court, up from Admin block.

Another part of WP that had seen access come and go over the years. This time I had to crawl through a hole someone had made in the plasterboard wall, and ripped a hole in my trousers. The next time I came past, someone had smashed the main door open. Subtlety is lost on some people. This is the fridge in the Morgue building.

A nice sit down by the fireplace, until you remember you're in a morque.

Samples area in the Morgue.

A rather leathery dead rat.

The suns rays in Frinton. The sun is certainly what made this place one of my favourite explores to date. Just walking around and feeling that warm sun penetrating the cold. dying hospital.

To some extent, the wheelchairs were the stars of WP. Most of them were photographed ten billion times. This one in Frinton ward was rather famous.

Granton Ward, aka the fire damaged Ward. Flickr is dotted with HDR attempts of that stereo.

If i was to have taken anything from WP, it would have been this chair. Love to be pushed down Oxford St in it! Sat in Laundry building.

The wood overkill in Stores.

Upper floor of the pic above.Form folders, "fill this out in triplicate to get a biro please."

Imperial size, a polite way of saying 'rather lardy.'

The sun that followed me around and kept me company at WP. Next to the mattress driers in Transport.

The canteen next to the main hall.

Chairs in Oaklands, must mean another end to a great explore, WP.

Wandering off through the fields back to the car park. Every time I thought it might be my last visit. Lazer grids resorted and cctv masts, security with dogs. But they never came. MC Hammer returned in the early Winter of 2009, and a year or so later, the demolition began.