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GES047 - West Park Hospital (5th Trip) (Demolished)

Having done a large section of the hospital by now, it was time to start looking for the bits missed. One area that remained stubbornly unexplored were the three blocks a way from the main area, Masefield, Jenner and Kipling.

This was Kipling, mostly used for staff training by the looks of things.

Training reports in Kipling.

A number of rooms upstairs were filled with old computers in Kipling.

I don't know if someone else had arranged this, but I didn't have to do anything to take this shot. Kipling stairs.

Kipling stairs.

Debris in the Building Store, and lots of fire extinguishers.

More debris in the next room in Building Stores.

Stairs up to the first floor of Jane Ford Ward.

Wardrobes still about in the upper floor of Jane Ford Ward.

The famous Jane Ford Ward wheelchair. I cleared away the various cupboards that were falling through the floor to get a cleaner backdrop.

Toilets in Jane Ford Ward. Every time you came into a building there was a new door opened or discovery to be made.

Upper floor in Frinton ward.

Creche ward.

Covered walkway down to Jane Ford Ward.

Across from the Main Hall was the hospital radio, "Hello pop pickers."

Heavily photographed till in the shop within Anderson House. I stole this shot from my predecessors here.

Bond House slowly falling apart.

Bay window room in Bond House

Bond House

Charred hallway in Bond House

Glass huts on top of the Canteen building.

Contents from the Hospital shop or swap section, Supplies next to Laundry.

A groovy little organ next to a TV with a piles ring, only in West Park. Supplies.

phones galore on the first floor of Anderson House. Another area that didn't get many visitors, and I know why. Having to climb through a bit of the door with the window mostly gone isn't easy. Although later the door was ripped open.

The keys to the kingdom. Anderson House.

The many roofs of the Laundry area.


Left behind, countless files in Anderson House.

Machine in Building Store.

Building Stores.

Building Stores. I felt this place was still live, but I think in the end it was just left and abandoned.

Socialist presence near the Kitchens.

Underneath the Stores building.

Around the corner in a little garage area next to the mattress driers near transport.

Garage area next to the mattress driers near transport.

The only  corridor in Masefield ward.

See, the only corridor in Masefield ward, neatly marked on the map.

My first computer's manual, the BBC Micro.

Beds in Masefield ward.

Carry On Nursing.

Kipling Ward, before it was pulled down in 2011.

Jenner Ward

Something a little too close to home, and a way into the building.

boilers near building supplies.

various bits in the room next to the boilers above.

Stairs into the service tunnels in the room next to the boilers.

And another fun day out at the West Park Explorer Theme Park is over.