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GES047 - West Park Hosptial (6th Trip)

This was mostly a trip to show a friend around WP with her son, and also because GE015 wanted to see a bit more. I'd seen pretty much every building by this point.

GE015 looks around the stores area near Laundry.

An odd old tunnel discovered near the boilers by laundry.

Downstairs in Building Stores.

Laundry building.

Laundry building.

Corridor past Bond House up to Admin.

I found a toilet in the Stores, and GE015 and I took a few appropriate al fresco shots with it.

Outside Transport. Forgot to get toilet paper from stores, D'oh!

Covered walkway with peely paint near Darwin block.

Bay window in Mayford Ward.

Mayford Ward.

Friend in Mayford Ward. A Van that never moved parked outside.

Doors into the Kitchen area.

Using the same method as before, climbing through a window high up in a door, we got into Anderson House, GE015 lost a fair amount of blood from his hand doing so. I think it's a Fox.

As we went past Building Stores, my plan began to hatch to accumulate every fire extinguisher I could find.. My friends and I gathered them all together, and moved them in stages to the Main Hall. Some other explorers saw us and remarked on a forum how they'd seen pikeys nicking them. Idiots.

Hmmmm, how to get around the wall. Out the window of course!

Where I'd leave them, in the waiting room of course!

Waiting for the lunatic that collected them all up to return a week later. See Trip 7 for the enthralling conclusion.

And again with the sun on our backs, we left the party that is West Park.