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GES047 - West Park Hospital (7th Trip - Theatrics)

Having explored as much of the Hospital as possible, I wanted to use the Hospital for some creative purposes.

Darwin block


Interpretation 2

My main reason for being there was to use the fire extinguishers creatively.

So I lined them all up, and put the different coloured ones at the top, like some sort of rally.






This sort of started off as an infiltration shot, but quickly gained momentum as madness.

From the projectionist's booth.


First floor back of the main hall. I decided the path going forward was a little too dodgy.

Projectionist's chair.

Projectionist's booth.

Main hall from the projectionist's booth.

Full length

I then moved all the fire extinguishers into a nearby room.

And arranged them into a pentagram, two sacrifices in the foreground.

Others offered their own interpretation in the above room with the fire-extinguishers on Flickr: Their pictures are much better than mine.


Fire extinguishers

Gregg Irwin


Odin's Raven

Bestever at the heart of West Park Asylum

Rowany WG

Best Ever Pentagram

Rowany WG also captured them in the brief time they were in the waiting room.

In case of fire