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GES047 - West Park Hospital (8th Trip - Juxtaposition)

Following on from a previous trip, I fancied the idea of working on juxtaposition. An artistic statement I have a lot of time for. The clearest juxtaposition, and maybe a little bit cliched, a business man amongst the ruins. With a copy of the FT, a brolly and a suit, all was good. Walking about the knackered state of West Park in a £600 suit may not have been the cleverest idea, but thankfully it survived.

My favourite ward, Hoxton/Hereford.

A first of many outings for the pipe, a much missed accessory these days I feel. Same room in Hereford as above.

Upstairs in Hereford.

And again.

The sheer knackered state of the ward endeared me to it more than any others.

Main hall.

A bit of cheese.

The West Park sunshine, never to be forgotten.

Didn't come out too well, Canteen.

Near the Padded Cell in Darwin block.

An obvious choice, shame the real Mr. B.liar couldn't end up here. Mental tosspot that he is.

Darwin block.

I bumped into a couple of other explorers here, including GE042 and GE051. I wasn't to know I was stood next to someone who bust the London scene wide open a year later, oh, and GE042! GE051 leant me her gas mask for this. This started a number of dressing up style visits to deep shelters & BPS with GE051.

Admin block

Passageway from main hall to up to Admin entrance behind the camera.

The courtyard by transport.

Always end on high note as my old Opera coach used to say!

And that was to be my last visit to West Park. Other places had taken my interest, and the summer of 2009 was pretty much over.