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GES083 - South Kentish Town Abandoned Tube Station

I originally teamed up with GE077 and GE007 because of our love of playing extreme Monopoly. Mostly this involved playing Monopoly at the top of cranes, skyscrapers, pylons and the like. This is dangerous for many reasons, not least because of the possibility of friends ending up arguing over the exact rules of Monopoly and cheating. This is exactly what happened shortly before this explore. We had reccied it before, and I had seen the surface door left open while supping a beer in the nearby pub. So when it came to doing it, a game of Monopoly had pre-cursed it. I'm sure GE077's position as banker was being exploited, as there's no way he could afford that many houses so early in the game. So a row broke out, and I stormed down the crane. As a result GE077 and GE007 did this station without me. I didn't fancy doing it alone, as a couple of pairs of eyes and ears is always useful when foraying into dodgy environments. So I called up GE043 and he was very much up for it. As the evening approached GE043 announced that GE042 would be there as well, as he was driving. GE043 loves being chauffeured around.

As we met up in the early hours on a school night, I sat and waited nearby an spotted the tall GE043 wandering about, and GE042's lumbering walking style. I also noticed a 3rd explorer with them, shorter than the others. It could only be GE041. Ironic in someways, because we'd both talked about the station sometime previously, mainly over the dangers of walking a side alley where a crazy insomniac sat looking out her window all night long, and was only too happy to call the police. As we stood greeting each other,  they took out their stop & search sheets they'd been given shortly before to show me. They'd been stopped at an explore target in the City by the cops. I hoped this wasn't a bad omen for the trip, as I didn't want to have to my collar felt by Mr.Plod.

Lucky for us GE041 was there, as his nimble ninja skills came to be useful to aid our advancement into the station. A problem was had with things not being quite long enough, but some precision teamwork from GE043 and myself saw entry effected, and down we went. We walked to some open spiral stairs that twisted down to a flat area with a shed like construction on one side. Initially we thought it was locked shut, However some stronger pulling found that the air pressure difference with the lower section of the station was acting as a force on the door. Keeping it firmly closed.

More stairs and we were down in the lower station area. The surface station was occupied by a pawn shop and a 'massage' parlour, so wasn't accessible. A flight of stairs and a left turn, and we were on the tracks of the Northbound platform.

Up the tracks towards the actual K Town station. A cross-through section exists a few metres down the tracks. You can see it on the right wall where a lighter section exists, roughly opposite the first light on the left wall.

The full Northbound tunnel, taken by turning 180 degrees from the above shot.

Rail information on the wall of the tunnel heading North.

The former passenger cross-through between platforms. The many lights playing havoc with my lens.

The usual information for visitors like us to the station, tourist information one might say.

I'd never really noted seeing one of these before, a track indicator light. It said off, but could one really entrust their life to it?

Well, GE041 certainly did, as he happily wandered about on the live rail. So nervously for the first and last time, I stood also on the live rail. The three monkeys stood on the live rail (which is obviously switched off). The fourth monkey GE043 was somewhere else in the station.

Just in case you hadn't seen enough of the Northbound tunnel, here's another shot!

Stairs up from the passenger cross-through at platform level.

Ventilation areas, sending air up the vent shaft we'd descended and out the door.

The remains of a spiral staircase that would have gone to the station above. Now however it's sealed off.

The bottom of the stairs leading out in to the area with the ventilation fans, 2 pics above.

The main bridge passageway, over the tracks, turning left at the bottom of the photo would lead down the above stairs to the passenger cross-through.

blurry pipe ninja at the top of the passenger platform access stairs.

The vent shaft where air is forced up to the surface, and also our way out of the station. GE043 stands in the background.

The bottom of the stairs that lead up to the midway point and shedlike structure mentioned above.

Shot along the full length of the bridge corridor. The remains of the spiral stairs are on the left through a doorway in the bricked section.

Everyone was happy with their shots, and ready to get the hell out of here. With cut and cover stations you usually have a minimum of two means of escape should the shit hit the fan. In deep stations such as this one, there is usually only one method of escape.

The spiral stairs from the shed like structure and stiff door up to the surface door.  Note the grills on the floor to allow air form below up the shaft.

Ready to get out of there. Again note how the sub surface level door is grilled, as it allows air to escape the building from below.

One more door after this one, and we were free. We decided to exit past the insomniac woman sat in her window just for a laugh, as we shook hands on a job well done and bolted into the night. Cheers to all for joining me and providing good company. Unlike the other two scumbags and their colluding and cheating at Monopoly. Shameful.




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