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GES007 - Burly Underground City (Part 2)

Wandering around, I entered i think Area 21. This is the cabinet room, with glass area at the back. If this is similar to Neasden Bunker's set up, the armed forces leaders would have been sat behind here.

The back of the room above had a sub-exchange and connected bakelite phone.

Map boards and black boards next to the Government table.

Shower rooms

Various signs next to a little museum area. Near a passenger Lift in Area 10.

Entrance to the Lagoon area and water treatment plant in Area 23.

I then wandered backwards and ended up in the Canteen and Laundry area, Area 12. This is the industrial size washing machine.

Subsection T15, ironing section.

subsection T31, washing area in the kitchens.

Ovens and hobs in the Kitchens of Area 12.

Subsection T29 Canteen cooking equipment

jumbo cooking pots.

More ovens and pots.

Cooker close up.

Subsection S84, washing up

Subsection T29, serving area for hungry ministers, military personnel and civil service employees lucky enough to be here. The rest of the population were probably eating each other in their crazed radiated states.

Looking up the queueing system to seating areas above.

The Monarch's plates on a serving section.

A look down from the queueing area to the serving area. Spam, Spam and eggs, Spam eggs and Bacon, Spam Spam Spam Spam...

The famous coffee machine, thankfully still not stolen. Dining area behind.

Tesco pasta and some delicious mountain dew to wash it down, living here wouldn't have been so bad!

Chairs stacked in the dining area.

All wrapped up, the chairs that will likely never be used.

Another exit into the rest of the Quarry.

Old school transport.

The fastest way to get around, the electric buggies.

Subsection Q4, Keys to the kingdom.

Someone with a Disney fixation.

The PA system. Vinyl only, on the record player in the grey set up on the right.

The BBC studio, where the PM would have addressed the nation.

Production side of the studio

Another side of the BBC Production studio, note the somewhat disturbing black mould on the door.

Corridor near the BBC studios. Getting lost in here was fun, as endless curiosities popped up. Although most rooms were empty and uninteresting.

An area that had suffered a lot of water damage and decay. The teleprinter room. It wasn't until I left this area, that I found signs warning about dangerous mould be prevalent.

Directions directions.

Signs to one of the escape doors at this level (ie below the surface). They were all labeled alphabetically, A-D.

The D door, and the second door open, providing access to Burly City. This is looking out of Burly City.

And with that, at about 2am (12hours later), it was time to scoot off back to London, and work the next day with a big smile on my face!

A massive thanks to GE032 for help with this.