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GES108 - Wimbledon Sewer

I had mapped out the route and lids from the surface, and after sitting back and navel-gazing at the information, felt certain we would get into the drain0r landmark known as 'Crypt'. However I had made several mistakes. First was to assume it was in the Fr0gm0re St0rm Relief. This based on erroneous information found here, here and here etc. However, it should be noted when written up on their site, silent uk, it is accurate. Sadly I didn't read this before setting out. So I thought that Crypt would sit under a church in Wandsworth, there were two lids outside, so all looked good. I knew the Fr0gmore SR ran a few metres West from the church.

So queue a gathering of GE077 and GE007, and we tried the first lid. Down GE007 went, and reported that there was nothing we could walk or crawl in without drowning in filth. There was also a locked door, which i'd not heard of before in a drain. So GE007 came back up, and we tried the lid next to it. GE077 went down and report back similar findings. Hmmm. We then went to try a succession of lids that should have opened into the Fr0gmore SR, but no joy. As the others were starting to despair, I said i'd check one more lid that would open into the Wimbled0n Sewer. I climbed down to a short corridor that lead to another ladder that went down to an active stream in a walkable pipe. I shouted up game on, and the others came down. In the distance we could hear a rushing water noise. And headed off to find it. Me below in the main pipe of the Wimbled0n sewer, standing upright a privilege denied.

Passing a side exit that I knew to be one we'd passed earlier, my map showed we were close to the end of the Wimbled0n sewer. I couldn't work out what the rushing noise would be coming from, or how the Wimbled0n sewer ended. The map showed it just 'ended?!' As I turned the last corner I was greeted and equally surprised by the site of the 'Crypt' junction. I was so surprised I shouted back down the Wimbled0n Sewer to the others, 'This is it, Crypt!' The egg shaped pipe on the left in this pic is the end of the Wimbled0n Sewer. The pipe on the right is a 2m long crossover to the other Sewer that runs in here.

With the Wimbled0n Sewer behind me, this is the site I saw, Crypt. According to this informative write-up, this used to go to an aqueduct, and the ends have been sealed up. The flow now goes into an interceptor at the end of the lower passage.

The lower middle chamber with two lower overflow weirs, dumping the two sewers either side of the camera into the interceptor below. If the sewer levels were higher, they would dump over the walls either side of the camera.


GE077 gets a shot from the Wimbled0n sewer side.

I sneaked in on GE077's shot on the Wimbled0n side of the Crypt.

The S0uthern H1gh level interceptor No.1 side of Crypt, the sealed off wall at the end where the regular flow drops into the interceptor below.

Looking upstream at the S0uthern H1gh level interceptor No.1 as it comes from Putney.

Looking North and upstream, the Wimbled0n sewer's smaller egg visible through the arches on the left, and the S0uthern H1gh level interceptor No.1 on the right.

The first weir into the interceptor below, primarily taking the Wimbled0n Sewer into it's murky depths.

The second weir at the end of the passage where the sealed wall is, both sewers utilize this under normal flow. Creating the thick white U bend on the weir bridge where they both meet. You can just make out the bottom of the ladder in the side exit here, annoyingly it wasn't a lid i'd spotted before. It sits on a path between houses, and I usually spot lids from 2 wheels. Behind the camera is another side exit.

A last pic of me, and it was time to leave.

We then popped out of both side exit lids, much to the amusement of some chap thinking he'd found a quiet spot to chat on his mobile.

The below map indicates the way the Wimbled0n Sewer fits into London's sewer & drain system. The Fr0gm0re runs through the area, but has no connection with the Wimbled0n sewer that we've found. To the right of this map, is the River W@ndle valley, which the High Level Intercept0r would have crossed. Instead it flows down to the low level. A spur from the River W@ndle restarts the High Level Intercept0r as it flows East.