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GES113 - State Institute for dosimetry and radiation protection training, Berlin

To say I came across this place by accident, could involve some truth. Although If I knew what I was in for, I wouldn't have bothered. Truth be told, this is one dull explore. I won't be embarrassed if you move along now.

I was originally looking for an old soviet place I'd seen, and thought this was it when I looked on Googlemaps. So when I arrived in Berlin, I followed the map I'd printed out, and dutifully got to the location in Karlshorst. As I arrived I saw overgrown foliage and general signs of abandonment.  I knew from reading elsewhere, that Germans are happy to call the cops at suspicious strangers lurking about. So I walked off to find a less conspicuous way in. A small overgrown area between some houses provided that better way in. Piling up some car tyres that were dumped in the area helped me get over a high wall. I jumped into a tree, and was inside. Cautiously creeping up to the buildings, the first one I came too had overgrown 7ft high bushes beside it. I couldn't find any obvious doors, or windows open. So ducked into the bushes and forced my way through them for a bit, and finally found an access point to the building. Inside it was very much for keeping heating and energy sorted for the main building across the way. Lots of pipes and gauges, with the complimentary oily rags here and there. After a quick look around, I found two service tunnel entrances on either side of the building. I took the North one first,and it appeared to come out in the live buildings with lights on to the East of the site I was at. Giving that a miss, I went back to the other service tunnel.

Walking along the dark tunnels by myself was a little eerie, but I've done it so many times now, the fear has mostly gone. The tunnel didn't last much more than 100m, and came to a safe like door. A careful opening revealed another room full of pipes and gauges. I figured this had to be in the main building, and climbed through.

I was indeed in the basement, and found lots of 'submarine' style doors, with lots of levers on the backs of the doors. I was curious as to why there was lots of German writing about, as I thought it was supposed to be Soviet. Still in the belief I was in the right building.

When you include a random shot of a stairwell with no artistic merit, you know you're getting a bit desperate for visual imagery in a write up. No different here i'm afraid.

By now I realised I wasn't in the buildings I thought I was. I was in some sort of school or medical type facility. This translated means 'Consulting Room', which not speak German, I didn't realise at the time.

More evidence this had some sort of medical attachment, small rooms outside larger rooms. These were quite common throughout.

Lying on a step, was a report of some kind. Thinking i'd found some top secret document (I didn't really, it's just to try an enlighten this tale), I grabbed a snap. Imagine my disappointment to get home and read it was merely a maintenance report. Although I liked a new German word i've learnt, fluchtwege. It means 'escape route.'

The main entrance to the building, it didn't appear a happy, sexy place to work.

On popping out of the many opened windows, I wandered past the last building on the plot. Some sort of recreational building, mainly dominated by the canteen.

With lots of separated cooking areas out the back.

Fearing major boredom, and keen to do 'normal' tourist Berlin, I promptly left. Happily jumping over the main gate and not giving two hoots who saw me. The place was just not interesting. It was only when I got back I found out it was some sort of place for dealing with radiation. But with hardly anything left in the building, not even a cool radiation warning sticker. It was completely benign as an explore location. It would however be a good prohobo location, as it was carpeted throughout.