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GES115 - Arsenal Metro Station, Paris

My first Parisian ghost station adventure. This station was closed for WWII and never reopened. It was used for staff training for the Metro following the end of WWII and the Vichy French regime.

Getting in wasn't much of a problem, as it sits not far from an open section of the metro. Something one quickly learns about the metro, as an explorer, and as a traveller, is that there are very few bits of the system that haven't been scarred by the eyesore that is tagging. I love good graffiti which one can certainly say is art, but tagging is just and unpleasant way of attention seeking and looks awful. As such there are many ways to access this station which has been tagged beyond death, and into the next world. Looking down the tracks from Arsenal to the next station, Bastille.

Various items dumped on the platforms and now covered in metr0 dust. The platforms are fenced off, although they have a gate in the middle, so no ripped clothing here.

The traditional spot to stand in when taking shots of the station it would appear. It's generally thought that the live rails are left on all night long. Certainly this was what we were told by the RATP.

Stairs from the platforms up to the surface.

The entrance area of the station, again covered in endless meaningless scribble. Although it's not to say that a bland white tiled station would look any better. The best thing about the station was that it still had functioning toilets with running water. GE041 and I were desperate to empty our bowels, and were happy to find two squat and drops just far enough apart to make it not too much of a shared personal experience. Nicely cleaned up in the sinks, it was time to leave via the handy street entrance and once again hop onto a velib to terrorise Parisian traffic.

Thanks to GE041 for leading GE047 and myself into here.