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GES094 - City Road Abandoned Tube Station

The Northern Line only has one disused station, and it resides on the Bank branch from Angel into the City. Like most of the other stations, it was little used, and closed in 1924. Also like some of the other closed stations, it was used as an air raid shelter during WWII. The station building was torn down in 1960, apart from the section that surrounds a ventilation shaft coming up from the lower levels below.

Like most other stations, it's a silent world of still air and dark, sooty walls. That is until a train comes shooting past, when the silence is broken, and the air displaced in a brief moment of activity. The tracks clang into the distance, and the still world returns. The longest stretch of the subterranean structure is a passage from the ventilation shaft and spiral staircase to the former platforms (they've been removed) and the tracks.

At the end of the above passage, one descends to the Southbound tracks. The Northbound tracks are accessed from a door in the spiral staircase.

The standard disused station evacuation map, should a train stop at the station in an emergency.

A train enters the former station from Angel further north.

A long exposure into the former station from the stairs at the previous shot location. This station is shorter than live stations, as it has the old shorter train length platforms. It wasn't upgraded in the 1920s to allow for longer trains. It was odd looking into the black tunnels, an air of mystery hang in them, as without the track lights, they were unlit. It would have been dodgy firing a light down them in case of attracting unwanted attention.

At the end of the above station tunnel, GE077 and I sat in a crossover, waiting for a train to pass. As it was nearly the end of service. This was the last train through.

Looking back up the Southbound tunnel to the entrance gate. The pitch black tunnel sitting on the left.

As we were taking the above pictures, the lights fluttered on and the whole tunnel became lit up. Looking up the Southbound tracks to Angel. Even before I began exploring London's Undergr0und, I remembered this section of tracks as being rather bumpy. And here you can see why.

The southbound track entrance, with the tunnel now lit up. Like the other end of the station's tunnel, you can see clearly the rollercoaster like path of the train as it drops away from the station.

Northern end of the Northbound tunnel. Huge piles of rail grips and short bits of track.

On the left the crossover tunnel GE077 and I had sat in watching the last of the Northbound trains going by. At the top of the tunnel is the Northbound tunnel entrance from the spiral staircase to the surface.

The grill door on the left leads up to the spiral staircase. The smoother and flatter Northbound tracks here. We spotted torches bouncing about in the distance, and decided it was time to leave. So we exited back into the southbound tunnel entrance.

Top of the stairs that lead to the Southbound tracks.

The bottom of the spiral stairs that lead to the surface. The red door with the yellow warning sign on, leads to the Northbound tracks.

At the top of the stairs looking down.

And the top of the stairs platform. A short set of 3 right angled stairs twist around behind the camera to the surface. However a glowing red light and camera deterred us from going any further.

And with that it was back down the stairs, checking that the line inspectors hadn't stopped off here. And out the way we'd come in.



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