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GES117 - Paris Metro Line 4 Extension

After receiving some directions from a local (cheers GE099), it was proving less easy than expected to find what we were supposed to be looking for. The hot sun beat down on us as we searched, on what turned out to be the wrong street, for a clock tower. While pondering maps that ended back at the last metro station, a small car full of young arabic looking types. They were blaring out music as they pulled up next to us. They stared at us, we stared at them with bemusement. Then they tried to pull off an stalled! I laughed out loud, they looked at me with eyes of hate. I thought there might be an altercation and I'd have to get chop suey on their ass. But instead the driver started the car again, and wheelspan off across the street. Twunts of the highest order. Entertainment over. It was back on the look out for this darn clock tower.

Not getting anywhere, I put a call into GE099, and worked out we'd taken the wrong road from the ring road. On my Velib (Parisian Boris Bike), I headed off to find the elusive clock tower. Located, a short cycle back and we all regrouped. GE041 putting his velib back, only to be told later on that night that it hadn't been returned. Shiiiit!

The construction site didn't hold many problems, and we were soon disappearing into the sub-surface world of Metr0 construction. The warm afternoon sun lighting things up nicely for us.

We scuttled about dodging the usual attempts to hamper progress in such places, and descended further into the white belly of Paris.

Finally we reached rock bottom. The main chamber of the tunnel extension had been completed some time ago, but work was still going on building all the side exits. Various supports in place to hold recently made cement, and control it's form.

Further along another open air section occurred. Presumably where another station would occur.

Passage to the tracks from a future station passage.

Blocks laid out and rails beginning to be laid down ready for building the rails.

Not too far from where we'd started, that tracks were starting to be laid out. They built the tracks first, before the base they would sit on. Walking along them was a bouncy experience.

It was interesting to see the process of something we'd seen the finished version of many times. Here the tracks are fixed firmly to the floor.

The last section of the extension ended with an inspection pit, where the train could be examined and worked on.

Looking down on the inspection pit area from the end of the tunnel.

Scaff stairs climb a side exit at the terminus section of the extension.

Starting on the trip back to where we started, a chance for a defiant photo.

The junction points at the terminus, allowing trains to be sent in, and then return up the other set of tracks.

On the left, behind the concrete support and in the background, you can see the shapers for the ceiling. Ensuring continuity throughout.

Masses of scaffold in the main tunnel, a reverse shot of one above.

It was interesting to see the digger here, excavating out a side passage from the rock. I somehow assumed it was done with a large excavation drill.

Vehicles that all had to be lowered down from the surface to get here, a roof shaper sits on the right. GE041 and GE047 waiting for me to finish up.

Ahead of us the finished tracks, waiting to be joined up with the tracks being built behind us. Wary about going any further, we were concerned about the camera that eagles eyes may spot on the wall of the tunnel.

However somehow a pir was triggered, and the decision to get out was made for us. So we all scarpered up to the surface, and as casually as one could, we walked off from the site. Leaving the alarm blaring in the background.

Props to GE099 for helping out with finding the location. And to GE041 and GE047 for good company.


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