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GES122 - St. Martin Station, Paris

I didn't really know this was happening. One minute I was sat with GE099, GE042 and GE047 having a ludicrously overpriced beer, and the next we were tip-toeing past a live office in an abandoned station corridor. Luckily no one seemed to be home. This map shows the live area, i think. Difficult to say really. I much prefer maps in London stations.

Around the corner we found some old adverts painted onto the tiles. Not sure when, although they didn't seem very old.

Sadly, like all abandoned stations in Paris, this one had become an eyesore thanks to the taggers. Not that it was going to win any prizes in the beauty stakes before they arrived.

The stairs leading down from the above station. Good work on the knob at the bottom, awesome!

We thought we were stuck getting into the next section, when we were defeated by of all things a door with a handle missing. Luckily I was carrying a biro that did the trick, and we were deeper into the station. This is a walled off platform, on the other side of the wall in front of me is the live tracks. GE099 didn't seem to know why or when the railed off sections were put in. Probably for storage or some similar use.

The live tracks on the other side of the wall in the above shot. The trains came towards the camera here. On the right wall, you can see the remnants of posters.

A close up of some old posters in the above tunnel.

Looking the other way from the above shot, on into the system. The opposite direction tracks now visible. I love looking down tracks underground as they disappear off around a corner or into the distance. It's something that is very attractive to me. Just the fact that it's not really meant to be seen, other than track workers and our friends in security.

Unlike other ghost stations, this one is dual layer.and these steps lead to the second level.

Most of the platform was walled off to create service resources. Note the stations are a lot cleaner than those in London, due to different breaks. In London this station would be soot black.

Looking into where the train comes from in this photo, towards the camera. We were all stood in the doorway, queueing up to get photos between trains. I love the rails as they twist off, satisfying to look at and photograph.

Finally able to get to the front of the queue, I lined up to get a nice long exposure of a train going by. Ramping down the aperture, and setting the 2" timer.  Then just as the train poked it's nose into the station, GE099 leaped out to raise his thumb to bewildered passengers on board. Providing a rather cool shot if I say so myself.

Props to GE099 as always for helping with this one. And to GE042 and GE047 for making it a larf.


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