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GES131 - Daily Mail Building (Barkers)

There are many things in life that make me want to openly vomit, the acts committed by peados, extremist islamic hatred of women, Simon Cowell, Trebor Extra Strong Mints etc etc. But most of all, the tabloid press, and in-particular the paper of choice for hate mongers, the Daily Fail. A newspaper dedicated to misogyny, spreading paranoia about homosexuals and immigrants, and basically demonising anyone not married with 2.4 kids and attending church every sunday. In 1934 the co-propriator and founder gave his full backing to Oswald Mosley and his fascist black shirts. A not surprising precedent that continues to this day. Still, unlike The Scum, they didn't support the Neu Labour initiative, who carry the blood of over a 100,000 Iraqi civilians, as well as saddling the UK with untold debt for future generations through hideous PFI schemes. So could be worse! Anyway, enough politics, on with the show and tell.

Britain's favourite hate comic's cage sits within the beautiful art deco B@rkers centre, some may call this irony. This shot is from the middle plinth that stick out over Kensington High St. In the distance the looming dome roof of Earls Court.

On the left is Kensington roof gardens, where the well heeled locals hang out. There was a wedding reception there while I was exploring. Kensington High St splits the photo in half. The large red brick edifice on the right is the areas town hall.

A close up of the roof gardens. Later on I took a few extra shots, and was worried about guests at the reception being concerned at someone snapping at them from another building, but I wasn't aware of a reaction. (The reception occurred later in the evening, not in this shot).

Cranes of the apocalypse, looking over West London

Looking SW,and those ever present chimneys.

One of the art deco plinths and Kensington Gardens in the background.

A ridiculously shallow depth of field, with Wembley Stadium appearing to have moved to Kensington.

It seemed an appropriate response at the time, but possibly a little childish now. The other side of the clock and floors above are the newsroom. As I descended down and looked into the newsroom. I could see the journos and sub-editors spewing bile into their PCs and watched it turn into screens of hate. All ready to be sent to the presses in Surrey Quays. A balding chap near the window gave me an unpleasant dismissive stare, probably thinking I was one of those foreigners working on the site.

The bottom half of the picture, without the bottom.

On top of one of the roof plinths. I love the attention to detail here, the jagged edges of the sides, the bent fence posts at the base. Even the flag pole has interesting detail.

More of the art deco handiwork going on with the glass section beneath the plinth.

Views of the Round Pond and Kensington Gardens.

The Albert Memorial pokes up through the trees, in the background more old explores, one of which is still scaffed.

A repeat pretty much of two shots above, but I really like the colouring here. The gorgeous blue sky, and the lit up windows below.

The various bits of Central and East London lit up, with the moon giving an eerie glow in the clouds. I did think about climbing over the arched roofs, but a) i'd have to have cut through the bird netting, and b) i'd be rather too visible.

Holland Park. I like the way the central stairwells are lit up in the tower blocks. You can also see the shaping of Notting Hill on the right, as the building climb the slope. I'd love to time travel back, and see London with it's natural unobstructed views.

A clearer shot of the glass roof and ventilation equipment.

Earls Court with the famous red light name sign. I wonder if they'll be kept when the site is sold to developers in the near future.

A night shot down the Kensington High St. I hoped for more light trails, but maybe due to being a sunday, there was very little.

A very awesome art deco frieze on a wall in what i'm guessing is the executive level of the company. This is the first level below the main roof.

A 90 degree turn from the above pic. Showing where the human detritus that is the Daily Fail executives pass by on their way to see how well their pages of hate are doing, and how to increase readership among the hopeless. "More stories on how gypos are bringing down the country and that they're all thieves."

Kensington Roof Gardens all lit up, with the cranes of the apocalypse in the background. A wedding reception was on or something, as people were milling about looking smart, and at one point I saw the bride.

The twisted irony of reliefs of blue collar workers beneath a venue for the well off at the roof gardens.

And thus, having inhaled quite enough bilious air for one evening, I quickly descended and legged it. Only the now suspicious looking security guard across the street from another building aware that maybe I shouldn't really have been there. I was truly amazed at the complete lack of any security around here, and as such it was one of my easier explores.


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