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GES134 - A Live Station (service area)

Another mild autumn evening in London, and I met up with GE077 to check out some leads in the area. We had looked at a possible way of getting in here several times, but the number of cameras in the area, as well as Joe public wandering about, put us off. We decided to give it a go, as we were short of things to do. It would involve a drop through a narrow gap into a service area of the station, this was after we crossed a spiky fence waiting to remove flesh and genitals. In position, we used various means for the 4m drop onto a wall of cables, and landed in an area with some steel boxes with equipment buzzing away inside.

Here the station is on the left, and on the right is a wall of cables, above that is the street. The cables acting as a ladder for infiltrators descending.

Walking to the bottom of the above picture, we came to a long thin corridor, either side of which was lined heavily with cables and pipes of varying thickness.

The passageway above opened onto an open stair area. The door straight ahead opens onto the station platform. The door up the top stairs opened into a fan room. The stairs down leads to an open area of no obvious purpose, and the tracks (just visible) run parallel to it.  Tox has left his mark.

Standing by the door to the platforms, 180 degrees from the above shot. A passageway goes off to the left which goes behind the ventilation room and joins the open space beneath the ventilation room.GE077 with some soot on his face.

The space below the ventilation rooms, some large cables laid out. The tracks are on the right of the pic, behind the wall, except at the top where it's open.

There was also an open section at the bottom of the area under the ventilation room.

A strange large radiator sits just behind me in the pic above. Going up along the top of the radiator type object, is a walkway, that turned into darkness. Popping out a flashlight, we walked along, realising it was a bridge over the tracks.

Peering down we looked on two parked up trains for the night.

A brief dart about the tracks, looking for any other interesting features down here, proved fruitless.

Looking East into the station. It's patrolled at night by one guard from what we could see. Luckily for me, he didn't see us as we darted for cover off the tracks.

Inside the ventilation room, one of the fans. it wasn't in operation when we were here.

A last look into the station through the grill, and it was time to re-connect with the wall of filth, as we returned precariously to the street. Poking our heads up like meerkats to check the coast, or street in this case, was clear.

Thanks to GE077 as always for the adventurous spirit.


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