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GES136 - Holland Park Tower Block, London

While I worked in White CIty, I had had my eye on the three towers here that are scaffed up. I had looked around them, and thought I had a possible way up. None of them seemed to have ladders, so I assumed the only way up was via the scaff lift or though the buzzer entrance. When GE077 wanted to swap some bits and bobs, I suggested we do it and give this place a quick go. Not usually happy to explore during the day, he agreed. We were frustrated by a camera the way I'd wanted to go in, so took a more direct approach. We were soon popping up through the first few layers of scaff, when I looked up one of the ladders to see more. They were 'hidden' in an alcove of the building, which is why I hadn't seen them. So we had a relatively easy way up. The only problem would be the occupied windows we were passing. We hoped no one would spot us or question us.

No one did, and we were soon looking out over Holland Park and Notting hill into central London.

Looking NW over White CIty to the BBC TV Centre, soon to no longer be the home of the Beeb's TV output.

Down the scaff lift to a quiet estate.

Holland Park roundabout and Shepherds Bush green creeping in on the right. Hammersmith mall being the big lump  in the background

The 'Cranes of the apocalypse' seen from the other side, looking SW.

The crazy roof of the westfield centre, the latest shopping wonderland to pop up and 'save' the area.

The roof of the building, you can just see one of the other 2 towers on the left poking over the edge.

Sunset over the Westfield centre, awesome.

Sadly we weren't quite close enough, but you can't beat getting light trails around roundabouts. Even getting bonus trails up side streets.

The gorgeous as ever Trellick tower, with the mad light trails of the Westway on the right. In the centre of the picture one might just make out the underground train leaving White City station.

More light trails going up to the Westway on the A40 spur.

Feeling lazy, we hunted about for away into the building, which involved ending at numerous padlocked doors. However we managed to find a way, and took the lift down. The reception was manned, and we decided to just walk out and not stop. The chap at reception said in a concerned voice 'were you on the roof?' I replied in a cunning way that would leave him perplexed as to where we had come from, 'No.' He said something else, but I was out the door and gone into the night.

Cheers to GE077 for coming along.


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