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GES142 - Dacia Cinema, Bucharest

I'm sure there are plenty of good explores within Bucharest, however we didn't have long in the city, and I'd only found one whilst surveying Flickr. This past it's prime abandoned cinema sat away from one of the main throughfares in the City. All around it similar crumbly buildings were being torn down, so I doubt this place will still be around in a few years as Bucharest slowly rebuilds itself.

It was built in the 1930s, hence the art deco stylings, and named Marconi after the Italian inventor. When Ceacescu came to power, it was changed to Dacia.

Exterior shot from the road, a shot on flickr shows that the missing letters fell off in the last year.

Access was pretty straight forward, a hole in the wall! However we were wary of being seen by locals, so took our time getting in at the right moment. Diving through the hole meant placing ones hands into piles of distinctly unpleasant crap piled up by the wall. Thankfully there were no needles. First priority was to take to the stage.

GE099 on the balcony, sadly a 'hilarious' clip for youtube propagation wasn't made with the roof collapsing on him.

Interestingly designed steps, could have been captured better, but it was a little tricky with the tripod placement here.

And the view of stage from the balcony. To say this place was precarious would be a very correct assessment.

A quick and easy explore to top up the explorer vibes as we set off to find bigger and better things. And with that we both dived out of the hole and into the street. Cheers to GE099 for checking there were no dodgy needles at the access point!


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