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GES147 - Office Tower, Novi Sad

While GE099 hid under his bedcovers in denial about another year being added to his age tally, I went off to look around the city. While fulfilling my normal tourist duties, I was also alert for explore opportunities. I happened to spot a building that looked unfinished, but didn't pay it too much attention. I grabbed some breakfast, and also some cake for birthday boy. He decided he was ready to face the world, and we ended up wandering back into town. When queried about explore opportunities, I remembered the tower block, and we went to ascertain the situation. On arrival it became apparent that it was totally abandoned.

GE099 stands in the lobby area surveying the crap everywhere. The place had been developed enough at one point to have a travel office set up on the right. However there were little other signs of use.

On the first floor, above the Lobby, some enterprising hobo/s had built a sheltered area for themselves on the left in this photo.

As may be expected, we went straight for the roof. Most floors had had the basic concrete flooring and walls. Even the start of a toilet on each floor. However the last few flights of stairs were in an unfinished condition. The roof was mostly done though, as we walked around on it.

The street below.

The centre of the old town in Novi Sad, and it's main church.

On a hill across the river, sits a large fort built by the French originally.

Jumping Jack Flash, the joy of speed burst mode on my camera.

Another view down the building.

The floor below was typical of most of the other floors. In some ways it looked more like a car park than an office block.

The main lift shaft, note the absence of the middle lift. Also that the design is far from modern, giving some indication that this building has been in this state for some time.

The self explanatory lift shaft.

Should you be wondering, and i'm sure you are, what happened to the middle lift, this should sate your curiosity. I hope no one was in it when it dropped.

While seeing if there was any interesting basements, we came across this resident of the buildings. Sadly Tiddles wasn't too playful, so we left it alone.

And with that, we assumed the role of ultra stealth ninjas, and sneaked around, consuming the shadows and dashing across open spaces. The locals pretended not to give a damn, as we successfully exited the area.



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