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GES148 - Beobanka Building, Belgrade

GE099 and I started our road trip in Belgrade, Serbia. On trying to locate our bed for the night when we first arrived, we spotted this tower begging for some attention. Although we didn't have time the first night.  Roll forward just under two weeks, and we'd rolled back into town, older, wiser and less wealthy financially speaking. We were thinking of doing one of the bridges over the river, but it wasn't an easy climb, and we would stick out like sort thumbs. There was a power station, but we hadn't had time to reccie it. So, our sum total of explores would be one in Belgrade.

After having a birthday meal with some free smoking French for GE099's birthday, we left them to their devices, and headed off to the tower. Several ways up were discussed, but GE099 was keen to get in at the back, and this is what happened. Walking over a precariously dodgy roof, and onto the scaff, we did our best to climb quietly up the main scaff stairwell. We could hear someone still working above, so stealth was high on the list of suitable attributes for this explore.

Predictably we got to the top without problems, and took in our reward, the amazing views over the river. Although the tower was only 59m high, it's position on a hill gave it some great views.

The wind at the top was affecting photographs, and it was also icily cold. Not good. Messing about with the letters that were dotted around.

Some of the main thoroughfares in the centre of town.

The letters that once hung on the front of the building, spelling out the name of the bank.

The area with the large blocks of light in the centre of the picture is the main area for catching buses. Behind it on the left side in the picture is a market area.

The sign hanging support, the cloth hanging off the scaffold ruining the picture below it. Also an indicator of just how windy it was.

After numerous attempts at trying to guess when the wind would drop, and failing. I finally got a fairly reasonable wide shot of the river.

Pretty much every floor of the building looked like this one. GE099 and I do our superhero poses.

It may have only been the 20th tallest building in the country, but it would do for us.


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