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GES149 - Third Man Sewer & Canal, Wien

When Vienna comes to mind, it brings forth one thing, cold. Real cold. I came here many years ago in January, and it was the kind of cold that feels like biting through your skin with jagged razor teeth. I was not a happy bunny. Spin forward in time, and it's 2011, and still bloody cold, but thankfully not as cold as the previous trip, the ground bereft of cold white blankets of snow.

GE099 was keen to get into this location, and I was mightily curious myself. So we set off to the nearest metro stop. And exited down some steps to the canal, and thus entered the biggest culvert I've yet seen up close. The water seemed wide,but was actually pretty shallow. Having seen a video some time ago from here, I was a little apprehensive going forward. Although there are regular exits to the street to the side like London sewers. This shot looks out at the open area we'd just walked down to reach the start of the culvert.

After a fair while we came across the overflow exits for the so called th!rd man sewers. It wouldn't have been impossible to enter here, but would have involved a fair amount of contortion and getting up close and personal with a large colony of spiders.

The culvert stretches for a good distance, you can see on the right the side exit reflective signs shining back.

Further on there was a smaller sewer overflow exit tunnel, bending over fora short distance the tunnel came into the weir chamber.

Soon enough we were back in the cold air of Vienna, not having achieved all we'd liked to have, but we had plans. GE099 waits patiently just in the light, looking a bit like a prostitute waiting for trade.

We walked back along the top of the culvert some way, and then ended up in a large area with lots of roads crossing, a metro station exit and a park. Somewhere around here was an entrance to the th!rd man sewers. We walked around based on a tip off GE099 had got. "Eet is next to a monument, and near a stall." Hmmm. When GE099 finally found it, it's location was ridiculously obvious. However he couldn't get it up. I reached down and pulled up the opening lid without problem. The brief bafflement of how he'd missed this, was replaced by a sense of urgency, as he quickly shoved himself into a narrow crack that had been revealed. I passed his bag down, and then closed things up. Giving things a chance to settle, and check around for witnesses. No one seemed to care, so I lifted the lid again and sucked everything in, and sucked all that in again, and finally slid under the lid and down the spiral stairs. Getting my bag in proved more difficult, as I had to unattach the tripod from the side, all from below the lid. Then close the lid behind. Old sparkle toes was meanwhile checking the place out. We set up our cameras in the first room.  It had lights and a video.audio system set up.

Having read about others visits here, we somehow thought it would be a good idea to start the audio/visual entertainment up. This proved to be a mistake on many levels, not least because we had no idea how to turn the damn thing off! And also, the whole thing was in German, so we couldn't understand a word. All the time creepy footsteps and what sounded like a young girl singing could be heard. It was creepy and yet surreal. The mauve lights illuminates the sewer tunnels. GE099 stands on the observation deck.

Leaving some German bloke narrating away, we walked off down a tunnel.

It led into a large weir chamber. The white wall on the right I found out later is for projecting onto. It felt a little like a cowboys' saloon bar with the waklaround gantry. The lit up bit at the end of the white wall leads into another 'room.' The middle of the picture/room is taken up by a weir. When the sewer floods, it flows over the weir. In the film, the main character runs down it in normal shoes to avoid his pursuers. The two arches under the walkway lead out into the canal, see 2nd pic near the top of this writeup.

At the bottom of the weir, furthest from the camera, one can make out some steel posts, and just about the opening of a vertical round concrete pipe (rcp).

A close up of the vertical rcp. I was a bit hesitant about going under shutter, so i didn't!

The door on the walkway with lights above leads to the corridor passage seen above. The low tunnel in the weir is an overflow for another sewer. It flows out of an exit on the right, into the culvert canal (see pic 2).

One of the exits from the weir into the culvert canal the other side of the grid.

The low tunnel emerging under the weir, used as one of the main failed escape routes by the Mr.Lime in the film.

The th!rd room of the th!rd man sewers was the smallest, and featured just two tunnels that merge into one and pass into the previous room along the top of the weir. Clearly the content of the right tunnel had a higher content of poop.

It was back up the passage to the spiral stairs, with creepy footsteps and young girl singing to keep us company. Popping out on the pavement, we quickly walked off into the night and a warm hostel room full of young ladies. Oh yeah!