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GES151 - Clapham South Deep Level Shelter, London

There's a saying about deep level shelters, you do one, you've done 'em all. As such I was happy to assist with GE077's various attempts getting into this one, but had no interest in following. One such attempt involved stood chatting to GE041 and GE045 on a common, while GE077 & GE042 displayed their rope skills nearby. An attempt foiled by not long enough rope. It later transpired that there was an easier way in, that GE042 and GE045 had checked and actioned. And so, after a night of mostly reccieing and little actual exploring, I agreed to drop GE077 off here, and join him. Access was pretty much a doddle and thankfully security asleep or non-existent.

After what seemed like an eternity of going round and round and round the spiral staircase, we finally emerged at the bottom. A tug on the stiff door, and we were into the usual steel arched tunnels. Signs that may or may not be authentic from WW II hung from the wall, and some sat on the floor.

Like most other shelters, these were built and used during the war to shelter people from Nazi attacks.

Where once there were beds, now there are shelves.

Although this DLS was in the process of changing hands, as the shelving was all packed up ready to be transported out. A huge job bearing in mind there's no lift here.

Follow the signs.

The bottom of an entry shaft.

A transformer in the big cupboard, and a mercury arc rectifier in the smaller cupboard., used for converting high voltage AC current, into DC current, I believe. Should you be wondering what on earth it looks like in action, wonder no more! How on earth someone worked all that out is beyond me.

Like it says, switchboard. I just liked the worn and rusty look.

Same again i'm afraid, I merely liked the rusty worn look.

And with dawn fast approaching, we figured it best to get out of there. On exiting it was apparent it was foggy, very foggy. So foggy in fact, that as I rode north through the common, i had to go at 10mph, and constantly stare at the road to see where the hell I was going. After clearing the common things got better, and over the river, even better still. But then everything is better North of the river in London.