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GES155 - Disused Piccadilly Line Platforms, Holborn

Getting here is described in the write up for GES154, so I shall merely continue from that.

The last time I had seen GE077, was when he was bolting it down this platform from the junction just North of H0lborn station. It was also here I had a quick chat with GE045, and we shook hands wishing each other good luck. And somewhere behind me was GE049. Now I was here again, alone, dehydrated, nervous and wary of what the hell was going on. i had just run through Holb0rn station and not seen any sign of life, and on reaching the Piccadilly line tracks, found them off. I figured if there had been any activity, it was over now.

This is the view those squinting out of an East bound train can see as they head to Russell Square. The approach to Platform 5 at H0lborn.

Walking up to the platform, it had boxed off area at the end of the platform nearest to where I entered. The original brickwork is visible here, with dark glazed bricks framing the white and green (?) tiles. The station name with original colouring, just poking out from behind the phone box.

The station name of H0lborn Kingsway, as opposed to the normal H0lborn. The Eastbound H0lborn platform sits through a short passage on the other side of the wall. Not sure when the posters are from, but are from the last few years, not 1994 when the platform was last used by the public.

More of the original tiling and a removed roundel.

The bottom two thirds of the platform, past the boxed off area.

Up until 1994, one could have walked through this passage to the Eastbound platform, after this a see through mesh was put up, and finally these metal doors.

The stairs lead down to a vent in what would have been a former passage off somewhere. And old layout of the Piccadilly line sits behind the metal supports on the wall.

Some confusion here, the H0lborn roundel without the Kingsway addition. And then the name of a station on another line. Queen Anne's Gate is near St.James Park area of London, not H0lborn.

Reverse full length shot of the station, as I left to find the other disused platform here.

Heading south from Platform 5 towards @ldwych, one only has to go 50m or so, and then double back through an old mesh/chainlink fence. This is the former tunnel leading out of the disused platform. It was taken out of service in 1917, and was used during WWII like most other stations.

The original platform is the empty area here, the rooms on the left were built where the tracks once were. The door on the left carries the initials of the police force charged with protecting the transport network, and keeping the likes of myself and colleagues out. Oops!

With the disused H0lborn platforms behind the camera, this shows the line down to @ldwych. The other tunnel behind the closed door on the left, has had all it's tracks removed, and leads to the 1917 disused platform. More information from here on in can be found on the explore of @ldwych, GES132. I proceeded down the right hand tunnel to @ldwych.

Just as I was about to reach @ldwych, I was confronted with an old train parked up. It was blocking the tunnel, so I had to go in through the front of the carriage, and on through the train.

The carriage was devoid of advertising, and had the old style ball hangers, for grabbing onto while swaying about.

I couldn't resist a shot in the drivers seat. You can also see the very large sweat patch on my back, where i'd lost a lot of sweat and was very much in need of topping up.

I staggered up the spiral stairs, and into the surface station. Still somewhat weary of whether there might be the authorities in the station. It turned out to be empty, and I quickly left through the door, and went in search of somewhere that sold water.


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