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GES158 - London Bridge caverns (Shunt)

After celebrating the end of an old year, and the coming in of the new at a building site not far away, our attentions turned to another building site of a more majestic nature, namely the Shard. However on evaluating the perimeter, and spotting a chap in hi-vis scoping said perimeter from a platform. It was felt this mission had suicide written all over it. And then we decided to see if there might be a way previously not heard of to get in. In doing so, we discovered an unlocked door to the area under L0ndon Bridge Station and the Shard itself. It's last incarnation was as arty club Shunt.

On entering the myriad of vaulted ceilings and ceilings supported by pillars, it was quick to notice the many different alterations that had gone on over the years. Here and there the original brick and plaster work was seen, in other areas the smooth grey dullness of concrete was visible. The two types meet in the pic below.

On the left in the pic above was this kiln area, suggesting a previous use had been food or pottery based.

Large vaulted brick ceilings, likely dating from the 1850s, when the original L0ndon bridge station was enlarged to incorporate more rail lines.

One of the two main passages through the arches, either side were two smaller arches.

Leading off the main passages were large alcoves, which had probably stored many things over the years, and now most were empty. However this one as you dear observant reader may have noticed, contains airplane seats.

At the Eastern end of the area, the arches were higher and mixed differing heights. On the right one can just see part of the Shard's massive support system. The massive white girder and support structure in the ceiling.

The second of the two main passage ways running East to West through the system.

Some of the other explorers stop for a fag in the Eastern end of the system. The second passageway seen above, starts on the right of the camera. GE079 and GE063 chatting while GE078 mooches about.

A curious wander about the arches, involving GE078, GE074, GE079, GE063, GE075 and GE076. It was then time to head off to the Barbic@n for the final target of the night for most of us.