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GES160 - Pages Walk, Embankment Tube

This large area is under development and is the old Emb@nkment substation. A newer one sits next to the entrance of Emb@nkment station. What they're doing here, I've no idea. But it involves lots of breeze blocks and whatever those large grey objects are under wraps just visible on the lower floor. The scaffold stairs lead up to a handy door on the District Line platforms. Another set of truncated stairs sits just across from the scaff stairs, above the thick girder. These lead to a grey metal sealed area, that appeared to be on a platform somewhere, guessing by the noises from the other side. The caged ladder on the left of the scaffold stairs just leads to a platform with various cables laying about.

A view of the substation roof, and a curious little building being constructed on the first level. An evacuation ladder goes to the surface station on the left of the breeze block office. The covered heras fencing leads off to the start of P@ges Walk on the left.

From the top of the scaffold stairs, this low archway leads into an area of various grey metal boxes making ticking noises. The door beyond opens onto another door, and that door opens onto the embankment platforms.

Walking between the covered heras fences shown above on the first level. A red door at the end of them is opened into this room. A room full of equipment of one kind or another sits on the left. To the immediate right of the camera is P@ges Walk. Straight on leads to a non-descript area.

The far side of the grey building on the left in the above shot.

Having passed through the red door into this area, turning immediately right sees this short passage. The other side of the handsome chap in the hat, is the long P@ges Walk, so named by station staff. If you're a sad case that believes in ghosts, it's allegedly haunted.

The scene having passed through the doorway above. It goes on a downhill slope to the B@kerloo platforms.

I didn't really stop to check out any of the doors here, as I was here during live service, I was scared of someone popping out of these doors, or walking up the passage.

The other side of the small breeze blocked area above, were more grey boxed machines, probably containing climate monitoring equipment.

On the left is some of the original tiling. Debate varies as to whether this passage was ever used by passengers. Just beyond here is a large heavy metal door that would have sealed the tunnel in half.

While taking this shot, the camera was on the bridge over the B@kerloo platforms. The door in front leads down some steps, to a few doors. One of which leads onto the B@kerloo platforms.

Turning 180 degrees from the above shot, looking up to where I started. Directly infront of the camera is the bridge over the B@kerloo line, Some of the lit up posters seen through the grill. A similar one is on the opposite side.

I watched a train come in and a few people disembark, and then the train pull out again. The people on the platform obviously oblivious to my presence. I then quickly got out of there to the District Line. However as I went to text a friend to let them know I was out. I noticed I didn't appear to have my phone. So I had to re-enter and return to the walk and look for it. It was just lying on the steps at the top of P@ges Walk. Man, was I glad to get the hell out of there, finally! Props to GE077 for intel.


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