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GES098 - York Road (Trip 2)

I thought I was done with this station, but then I saw a photo by GE010 of a section i hadn't seen. I decided I had to return, and took along a few new friends/explorers I'd made to give them their first disused station experience.  Things didn't start too well, as one of our number climbed over as a police car came by. However they must have been looking elsewhere incredibly. I also shredded my trousers on the palisade fencing. I hate palisade.

Once inside, we hid out on top of the old lift shaft inside the gutted former station building. Cameras sitting down the right hand side always make me jumpy. We precariously clambered around them, and were at the top of the stairs.

Unlike the last trip, the door to the toilets was open, so I popped in to see the loos were now used for storage, but had the original urinals still there.

Looking up from the base of the first flight of stairs, the toilet door is on the right at the top, just below a cctv camera!

Going down the spiral stairs, a quick check on either platform showed we were alone. And the others set about grabbing some shots. I headed straight for the area i'd not seen before. This wonderful lift hall has sat here unloved for 80 years.

To the left and right were former lift shafts. The one to the right was sealed with bricks and mortar, the one on the left by wire mesh.

The shaft on the right had bricked off doors with the lift shutters still in-situ. And, as the observant might have spotted, there's a ladder that goes up to the surface.

Crossing over to the left lift/vent shaft, one can see a crossover passage at the back of the shaft. And a crappy looking vent funnel.

The lift and vent shaft still has the rails in place for the lift that would have serviced the platforms.

A crossover further down the platform.

The above crossover had a map of the platform level, something else I'd missed before.

This being my last visit to a disused tube station, I had a last snort on some lines, steel shiny lines.

It was then that I heard loud voices in the opposite tunnel. Thinking the others were being a bit loud, I noticed they were stood a few feet from me. "Shiiiiitt, workers!" We all scattered as GE063 and I went to hide in the lift shaft area, and GE075 went to grab GE074. GE063 and I watched from the shadows three workers go by, pushing some thing that rolled down the rails. After a few minutes they were gone, and we looked around for the others. It turned out they'd managed to get to the stairs and shot up.  Everyone had what they wanted, so a good night all round.

The excitement wasn't over, as I went to check the situation outside before exiting, I managed to trip a pir that wasn't there on the previous visit. A low volume, but still effective alarm rang out, and we bolted it out of there.



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