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GES165 - Chamber of Commerce, Antwerp

Like many of my trips, I had seen pictures of this place before, but as they were overseas somewhere, never really paid much attention to them. It was something of a surprise when one of my fellow passengers in the car to the Belg GE039, piped up that it was in our destination city. A quick scout around and I had found a way in. The hard part was finding some way to let the others in. As light was fading, I was keen to grab a few snaps. This being the main hall.

I'm not quite sure where the main doors were, but these certainly weren't budging. The gothic-esque like stonemasonry on display.

Off the main hall was this smaller hall, featuring a blackboard running down one side.

I'm guessing that this is the main entrance, again, no expense spared with the stonemasonry.

Stained glass window in a room above the main entrance. Most of the rooms on this side were pretty bare and worn.

Small, cramped stairs rising above the main entrance. The unkept nature of the place is shown by the crumbling wall and accumulated debris on the stairs.

Back in the main hall, there were lots of these wooden booths, reminding me of a confessional. They had a map of the world painted above. Tiny bricks inlaid to the ceiling.

The full majesty of one of the sides of the main hall. It's a cliche in this game, but it really is hard to understand how such a beautiful building is left to rot near the main high street.

Another small hall tucked away on the first floor.

Walkway on the first floor, more tiny bricks on the walls. It would be a sign of the town, as the sewer we would explore later had similar tiny bricks.

Large fireplaces and empty rooms on the second floor.

More large fireplaces. GE074 and I contemplate the amazing ceiling, see it's uniform patterns, creative use of white, and the delightful strip light. Being the only room in the place with a carpet, we could come back in the early hours and sleep here.

first floor view of the main hall from a small balcony.

Corridor with medieval style windows, and decaying ceilings on the third floor.

A large number of explorers were in town to attend a large party in a sewer, so we left to go an change and meet the weird and wonderful who make up our peers.

The next morning we awoke in the room above with the carpet, and I set about trying to work out how to get to the upper roof section. I gave up looking for a set of hidden stairs or a ladder up there. Instead i used a different route, and popped out on the roof.

I was now able to snap the stonework up here, along with the shields mixed in, and on the ceiling. A ladder on the glass roof led to a way into the ceiling, but it looked too dodgy to me. GE039's camera just visible on the upper left middle balcony.

The main hall, as seen from the roof.

A last a close up of one of the shields, and it was time to pack up and head off back to England.

A pleasant explore and place to lay one's head. Thanks to GE039 for pointing this place out, and  GE059 for transport.