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GES167 - Qatar Abandoned Fishing Village

Qatar is a small peninsula that pokes out into the Persian Gulf. Not exactly a highlight on the International exploring map. For those of an exploratory nature, the only likely places of interest are the countless empty or half empty skyscrapers that sit in the centre of Doha, the capital. Most of Qatar is sand, and beneath the sand is Gas, a whole lot of Natural Gas. Which means a whole lotta money, that people don't know what to do with, So they build skyscrapers and convention centres that are only used once. They're currently building Football stadiums for a World Cup on a similar principle.

I wasn't too interested in the high rises, but was interested in some Derps on the North West coast. There are three main abandoned villages here, at one time they were very important to the countries wealth in the 17th Century. However, in the 1970s, the aforementioned Natural Gas was discovered in mind bending abundance. Qatar is the 165th in the list of countries by size, but is 4th in Natural Gas reserves, with just under 9%. This means Qatar is never going to be short of money. As it has a tiny native population, this equation means as you dear reader might have guessed, the local population is really really rich (highest GDP per captia on earth in fact). As such, the idea of mending fishing nets, and shoving boats into the sea at the crack of dawn, just isn't appealing. As such these villages were abandoned for nice houses and Mercedes in the cities and towns of Qatar and overseas. Qataris now sit around buying stuff from expensive brochures and getting fat. In fact, Qatar has the fattest people on earth.

The Qataris don't have much in the way of history, and so are keen to preserve the tiny bit they have. With all their wealth, they've decided to protect the few remnants still standing of their past with...a sign!

The fact these places have been used for centuries, means a few decades of decay are hardly noticeable.

The graffiti being the only non natural damage.

The courtyard of the village mosque.

The inside of one of the homes, still with the roof intact.

Admittedly not of of the greatest Derps, but for Qatar it's pretty much the only Derp, and as such, is rated 'Boss!'


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