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GES189 - N0rton Creek, NY, USA

Another grateful tip-off from GE081. Tucked away in a wooded area of the city, it was a pleasant stroll while the majority of the city were working. Locating it wasn't hard, as the waterfall could be heard from a distance in the quiet deciduous wood. I'd never explored a drain by myself before, so it was a different experience.

On entering the drain, it's chiselled interior gave the look of it having been blasted from a mighty explosion, or the water had been trapped to a point where it just burst out of the cliff.

Inside it had a sort of grotto type feel to it, like I was entering Fingel's Cave. The ceiling was flat and had rusted iron pegs that would have held a cable or pipe at one time. The floor was constantly changing and full of rocks, so was an interesting challenge to stay upright.

It wasn't long before I reached my first feature, a vent from above with water rushing in and creating a light waterfall. Near the centre top of the photo one can see one of the pegs hanging from the ceiling.

Deeper into the drain, I came across some kind of weir set up. A ladder rising high above me, and a vertical pipe overflow.

Looking up the shaft.

After the weir section the drain started closing in a bit. The remnants of whatever used to be fixed to the ceiling becoming clear. The walking was becoming more and more dodgy, as I stepped on and around rocks. It was sapping my strength and patience, as well as hugely slowing my progress.

Eventually I'd had enough, and turned around. I found out from GE081, that I wasn't far from the end anyway. All in all it was an interesting little diversion. Daytime exploring in Rochester is a bit on the limited side.

As always, the motto of when it rains, don't go in drains rings true, as these unlucky geocachers found out, when they hit the local news.

Thanks again to GE081