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GES191 - Myrtle Av Platform & Canal St Tunnel, NY

Back in town and alone, I wasn't planning to do any more exploring. However temptation is a cheeky mistress, and I gave into her ample whims. I was interested in seeing Myrtle Av because of the fact it was converted into an art project, a Masstransiscope. The station sits on the Q line, and like a number of the other disused stations, was closed due to the lengthening of trains, as well as the loss of the southbound platform due to the need for a new track laying. It opened in 1915, and closed in 1960.

Those looking for accurate detail, can study a map layout here (photo below is at point A293) This is looking northbound and allows trains 3 different routes to approach Manhattan Bridge. The outer two tracks are for the northbound side of the bridge, the central track goes down and below the above tracks, before switching to the southbound side of the bridge. You can see the southbound tracks through the gaps in the  wall.

Here the same pic as above, with a northbound train hurtling through.

Same shot again, this time with a train heading for the southbound side of the bridge, if that's makes sense, probably not.

With no rumbles to be heard, I nipped down onto the tracks, and took this shot, looking into the tunnel where the train disappears in the shot above. Note the standard cut and cover roof common throughout the network.

Looking back along the platform of Myrtle Av towards De Kalb Av station. A train passes on the otherside of the wall on the southbound tracks.

Any hopes of seeing the station were thwarted, as the top of the stairs were sealed off.

Either side of the stairs, the platform had the Masstransiscope. Unfortunately it had been ruined by graffiti writers. Originally it would have created the illusion of a moving image for those going by on the train.

The outside of the Masstransiscope, the narrow slots creating the vision for passengers on the train. I never actually went past on the train, so can't say if it works. It certainly worked in 2008, as this video shows.

The name of the station in the original mosaic tiling.

Looking up the Myrtle Av platform towards De Kalb station. Note the odd draining system on the left.

In-between De Kalb and Myrtle stations, was this emergency exit. I'd been pre-warned they were alarmed, so stayed away.

The bright light at the end of the tunnel is De Kalb station. Out of De Kalb, one line dips down to a lower level, as such there is a void at this level where it dips down. It sits behind the pillars that run down the centre of the picture. Another small void sits between this dipping void, and the tracks. You can see the pillars where the bright light is in the foreground, and there is a space on the right, then the pillars of the dipping void. The live rail runs down the left wall, hence why I'm on the right of the tracks.

The parallel track to the above photo, having passed between the pillars that form a 'wall'.

Same picture as above, but with the subtle addition of a train passing through.

Looking into the 'dipping void' area, as mentioned above. The bright lit area at the top of the photos is De Kalb, where the train dips down, running below the camera. I then walked backed to De Kalb station, and hopped on a train back to check out some more Metro exploring at Canal St.


I arrived at Canal St station to find a group of around 6 cops walking about. I sat and waited them out, before hopping off the platform and heading north. I believe this was the 6 line, and it was rather quiet, thankfully.  The photo below was between Canal St and Chambers station.

Just before Chambers Station, I opted not to go any further for two reasons. First was that I knew that Chambers had numerous cameras and a motion detector. Secondly was the candy stripes on the wall, signifying zero clearance.

I turned back, and headed down to Canal St again, hoping the cops hadn't done another loop. More candy stripes just north of Canal St station.

I headed back to my bed for the night, and looked forward to enjoying my favourite city, without fear of being killed by my own actions, or arrest.


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