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GES196 - Pasta Factory, Italy

Italy, another country with a healthy supply of derelict places (Derps) due to it's volatile Government and economy. I wasn't expecting to see anything of interest during a long weekend here, but I'd hired a scooter to take my girlfriend of the time to San Marino. The weather was warm and gorgeous, blue skies, ever so gentle breeze.  We whizzed along the dual carriageway to San Marino, dodging large trucks and speeding locals. As we hurtled along, my eyes were drawn to what looked like a derp. I stored it in the mental derp bank, and planned to stop by on the way back. We spent the day wandering around San Marino's highlights, and enjoying the cheap food and drink. San Marino doesn't have any taxes, so is a good place to visit. However we opted to take a different route back to our hotel. Charmed by San Marino, we ditched another day in Rimini, and headed back up there. Along the way, we stopped off here. The missus was curious about all this exploring malarky, so keen to get down and dirty. Access was a doddle, and as the pic below shows, we weren't the first there by any stretch of the imagination. The local taggers had been busy at work, putting their pointless daubs everywhere. This is where the factory faces the road, next to a grain sorting building on the left. Pics were taken with GE093's new dSLR and my crappy Canon A640. Sometimes you just don't want to lug around a dSLR.

Inside the factory buildings, they were predictably stripped. Wires ran above the factory floor. Purpose unknown.

Another section of the factory, still loving those wires aren't they! Holiday couple, awwww!

A rare reference to the previous owner of the site, and the product made.

Delivery bays at the back of the main factory buildings. Behind me was another similar building, but smaller. Inside were a group of graffiti chaps with a huge array of cans, and a large roller they were painting a wall with. I said hello, but they didn't speak much English.

I rather liked the lines on this bit of the factory, the chimney top from the roof above adds some colour.

Inside the grain sorting building, a grain sorter featured.

Originally there were lots of items in the floors, to facilitate the passing of grain down through the flours. Now all gone, the holes just remain.

A precarious shot looking down through the many floors of the building. The brown mess on the floor below is pigeon guano, nice!

Chimney tops on the roof, blend in well with the Italian countryside. Rimini sits in the background.

On the top roof. The large hill in the background is San Marino.

The factory buildings below. The one in the background is the building the graffiti chaps were in. Probably the only building not covered in graffiti.

An office and grain silos on a floor with delightful guano textures on the floor.

A last look down between the factory buildings, before hopping back on the scooter, and heading off to San Marino.

Thanks to GE093 for company, lending me your camera, and, well, don't need to go into that.


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