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GES195 - Thames Subway, London

After taking a break from midnight madness for awhile, I got a text from GE077 saying he was going exploring with GE010. He had already been here, and was going to let GE010 in, and me if I wanted to come. It didn't massively excite me, but the history behind it did, and I was keen to join up. I also hadn't seen GE010 for awhile, and wanted to catch up.

We met up on Tower Bridge, and wandered over to the access point. GE077 disappeared into the night, while GE010 descended the concrete shaft. The below pic is looking up the South side of the tunnel. A series of mesh landings and ladders, designed to stop anyone seriously hurting themselves.

Looking down the tunnel at the bottom of the Southern shaft.

The tunnel was a mix of different walls, as it has been updated, strengthened and repaired over the years. The concrete in the pic above, gave way to dark steel rings. Then here, one can see a smaller concrete ring with older iron rings.

The original older casing wall, and some very old pipes passing through. This section had a 30m stretch of clear water about 20cms deep. GE010 just ploughed through it, but i danced around the various supports to get past.

A larger brick section, and then back into the smaller tunnel. At this point I heard a boat's engine buzzing by very close above my head. I dread to think how far above my head it actually was.

It wasn't long before we reached the Northern side of the subway. Here is the base of the Northern shaft.

The Northern shaft was brick lined, as opposed to the concrete Southern shaft.

We finally made it to the top. This is inside the small round building that sits at the top of the shaft. We packed up, and walked out the door. Thankfully there was no one around.

Thanks to GE077 for providing a disabled tour, and GE010 for being...just being him!