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GES199 - Vintage Trams

Wading through endless websites and forums for inspiration for a trip to the low countries, I came across some images of old trams. Intrigued, I did some digging around, and managed to locate them. Looking to avoid staying in official accommodation, I had an idea of sleeping in them. When we turned up, we found a military lorry parked nearby, and it had a welcoming sign on the front. We knew we had found the right place to spend the night.

After creeping in to the site in the early hours, we checked around for a tram we could enter. This one was open, and we found space to crash out. GE066 in the foreground, GE079 bedded down on his luxury mattress beyond me, and GE063 camped out at the front of the tram.

In the morning I awoke first, unable to sleep any longer. I went off to grab a few pics and work out how we were going to get out in daylight. I rather liked the red tram on the right, the blue one on the left looks like a late 80's or 90's tram, when full body transfers became easier to do.

Unfortunately, on the left, a sign that taggers had got in, and decided it'd be a good idea to put their nasty scrawl on some of the vintage trams.

Inside one of the trams, a passenger still waits to reach his destination.

What I would guess to be one of the oldest trams in the storage yard. To the left of it were piles of tram parts, as underneath the corrugated metal roof is a workshop area.

Inside the cab of the light blue '4' tram seen above.  It was interesting to see how the cabs and driving methods have changed while checking out the trams here.

Tucked away in a corner of the tram workshop, a white tram.

An old rudimentary method of driving a tram, it's cover removed, one can see the internal workings.

By now the others had awoken, and were sleepily walking about grabbing a few shots. I packed up and had found a relatively easy way out. The only problem was that outside the yard was a road frequented by an endless stream of joggers and families leisurely cycling by. So finding a gap proved a nightmare!


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