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GES203 - Brussel crossrail project/Schuman station

While walking around looking for an access point to the Metro system tunnels, GE079, GE063 and I came across some significant works going on in the area. It looked obvious that this was some sort of underground workings. We put it to one side, and carried on as planned with checking out the metro. Afterwards we came back to the construction site. Some taxi's parked up to rest just down the street, and a cop car zoomed past as we stood trying not to look suspicious dressed in dark clothes at 2am. I saw a gap in the traffic, and whipped through a heras fence, getting wet from a puddle at the base. Then quickly to the scaffold stairs and down. This is what I saw, the street level being where the light is at the top. Open sections on the left and right in front of the camera, showed things carried on below.

As i descended the next set of scaffold stairs, I cautiously walked out into the main passage. Listening carefully, I could hear anything that sounded like another human presence, and headed back to the surface to alert the others to come join me. This is where two new tracks will run down Av de Cortenbergh to join Line 26.

Back at the bottom of the scaffold stairs, and turning 180 degrees from the above picture, there was this open section. It gives a glimpse of the scale of the project. I was baffled as to what it's purpose was, although train related would be a good guess. There wasn't enough ventilation for automobiles.

We opted to go up the white walled passage first, and set off, keeping an ear out for any workers. The walls looked very makeshift and cheap. We came next to another surface access point. A huge skip lay at the bottom, as this is where materials were dropped in, and debris removed.

`Plodding on, we came to some open sections in the wall.

Through the hole, rafts of metal wire laid out, ready to be filled with concrete to make steps.

We walked on some way, and eventually came to a section that's covered off with plastic sheeting at a 45° angle. Things seemed a little busier ahead and it was becoming monotonous, so we turned back.

The walk back helps show why we weren't that fussed about continuing. A long featureless tunnel. One can see the drainage ditches placed regularly in the tunnel, most clearly in the foreground, and down the tunnel.

We got back to our starting point, and then crossed over the deep construction section. The tunnel pretty much ended just after the pit, with this raised track pillar and reinforced wall. I poked around, but there didn't seem to be an obvious way up. GE079 and GE063 sat chilling on the platform above. In the background is where the tunnel joins the existing $chuman station.

And with that, we returned to the street. It had stopped raining thankfully, as we began the long walk back to the erm, 'hotel' we had chosen to hobo in.