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GES204 - Belgian Office Building (Hof Van B)

As with Comet, it seems architects are given the chore of designing a dull office building, but allowed to have one bit of architectural flourish. This is usually the stairs. This building was gifted one such architectural flourish, and GE063 and GE079 set off with me to find it. We'd already received location from GE075, so finding it wasn't a problem. Sitting on the commuter belt of Brussel, it was in a lonely looking industrial estate. I say lonely, we did turn up at silly o'clock in the morning when the estate was obviously empty. I parked up out front, and popped in with GE063, and we looked around the rather trashed building. Almost as if the owners were saving on demolition by leaving it neglected. We found one office room that looked largely untouched, complete with intact windows as well. A warm night was assured. After dumping our gear, I parked the car in a very open visible section of the estate. And walked back. In order to be warned of people entering our room, we piled up anything we thought might make a noise on the back of the door. GE079 inflated his royal deluxe mattress, and we drifted off to sleep.

The morning came, and the sun poked through the window. I woke up first, and after several attempts to return to sleep, gave up. I went to grab a few shots of the stairs.

and from below...

The place had been mostly trashed, but the graffers had not made an impact yet, sadly having seen pictures of the place 6 months later, the stairs and walls are now covered with tags.

the downward spiral.

A little bit of HDR never hurt, I love the solemness of this shot. One could almost see the stairs revolving around in a slow dreamlike state.

I noticed someone else below me, and went back to tell the others. Bumping into GE079, I alerted him. We went to look, only to see GE063 taking some shots. Somehow he'd past me while taking shots. We packed up and headed out. Even though it was a Saturday, the area outside was now full of cars. Thankfully no one had come in to our knowledge.



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