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Globetrotting FAQ

This area of the site is dedicated to travelling, the main obsession in my life. I was lucky enough to have parents with an element of wanderlust about them, and as such, we drove all over Western Europe on our holidays. I would be sat on the back seat with my head between the front seats, studying a map and watching the world go by. My brother would be asleep behind me. Now I search various websites and pour over online mapping sites for ideas and plans. The world is ever shrinking, but it still takes time, money and energy to visit these far flung places. Mainly time.

I work a regular 9-5 job, with 6 weeks leave a year. So for me, i try to fit as much into a trip abroad as possible. Those looking to this website for ideas and information should bear this in mind. I would love to spend more time in places, but sadly life dictates that that is not possible.


  • You've been to 88 countries, do you plan to see them all?
I'd love to, but that's never going to happen. I hope to reach a 100 (just over half the current 196) countries in my lifetime. I'd then like to focus on re-visiting bits I've missed.
  • What's your favourite place?
That's a very difficult question, like what's your favourite album or something. I've been lucky enough to see some amazing places and meet beautiful people. My favourite place to visit is New York City, because I love Metropolises. They're like mini countries, but packed with so much opportunity. Bolivia is probably my favourite country, the views and people are just awesome. Iguazu Falls and the temples of Angkor are places I recommend people visit.
  • Why do you list GDP per Capita?
When trying to work out what a place is like, i've found it useful to compare GDP per Capita in order to get some idea about infrastructure and general conditions. It's not perfect, but is usually helpful. As such i've included it here.
  • What do you always take with you on trips?
I always take a gore tex raincoat, it's very light, and with layers can keep you really warm. And obviously it'll keep you dry in the heaviest of downpours without getting sweaty, very useful in hot, humid countries. I also take a Swiss Champ Army Knife, useful for opening taps, cutting, sawing etc etc. I also take a Point It book, highly useful, although almost everywhere I go these days is bi-lingual with English.
  • Any general tips?
Always try to learn a bit of the language wherever you go, even America. It makes such a good impression. Most places you go you'll likely find English is spoken to some extent. South Korea I found it somewhat lacking.
Leave the bling at home in countries less wealthy than yours. Don't point cameras in people's faces without asking. Don't hand out gifts or cash to children and beggers, it sets a bad precedent. Basically respect the people in the country who are hosting you, and think about other tourists who'll follow you in the future.



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