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GES205 - Palais de Justice, Dadizelle

One of the main stops for any explorer entering the City, the central courts building. I'd missed it on a previous visit, choosing instead an impressive Catholic church (GES045). However, this time it was definitely on the list. I particularly love working my way around scaffold and roofs, so this was prefect. I was initially concerned because a tagger had daubed his tag on the top dome for all to see. However any doubts were quickly wiped from trip, as access was as easy as ever. The scaffold has been on the building for nearly a decade, while strengthening repairs are done.

We got to the first roof with little problems, and fears about the state of the scaffold were also allayed. We were now confronted with a problem, there wasn't any scaffold between where we were and the climb to the dome. GE063 wasn't compos mentis the last time he came here, so couldn't remember. So we set off across the roof seen i the foreground below.

It was all straightforward, and we were quickly at the base of the main dome. Our first chance to look out across Brussel from up here. The Courts are built on Galgenberg Hill, thus making the building appear higher than it is, and the views better.

We pressed on up the scaffold and came to some statues near the top.

One more push, and we reached the lower balcony. Although some mildly difficult free climbing entailed, we were finally at the top. I say the top, but actually it was the base of the dome. Getting any higher involves a different route, which we didn't have the energy to navigate. This is from the rail of the Balcony, looking West to the tower at Gare Du Midi.

The top was a bit of a let down really, as the city has a mostly flat non-distinctive skyline. It was then a quick drop down again, and back to the car.